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Brothers and sisters, some of us may have come here to study or to advance our professions and to increase our personal wealth; others may have come to find a refuge from political violence and oppression. These are perfectly good reasons for migration. But remember that he best migration, the real Hijra for us is to undertake the journey from what we are now to what Allah wants us to become…

Beware of Shayṭān!

by Shahid Farooqi
Shayṭān is a subtle operator, setting traps for the unwary. This khutbah uses references from the Quran to warn of Shayṭān’s tricks. If we take note of these warnings and act on them, we will insha-Allah earn Allah’s good pleasure.

Paradigms of Leadership

The classical Islamic virtue of Futuwwa (Heroic chivalry) is beautifully illustrated here using fourth Caliph, Ali (RA) as the archetype. Ali was not only a fearless warrior; like his cousin and father-in-law Prophet Muhammad sws, he exemplified nobility, wisdom and humility. This is part of a series of lectures by the Dean of Cambridge Muslim College, Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad (Tim Winter)

Eidul Adha khutbah in Egham, UK

By Essam Mahgoub

Be sincere. Do as you say and say as you do. Let there be no contradiction between your words and your actions. Be rational and logical, but Allah’s explicit commands come first. Whatever Allah has forbidden (harām) overrules any rational or logical debates. Allah always knows best, and we may only discover that Divine wisdom in the fulness of time…

How to know Allah intellectually

By Omar Medani
Those of us who live amongst people of diverse belief systems must find a way of explaining Islam that makes sense to others. We cannot rely on faith alone, as important as it is. We must also engage intellectually, and the Quran provides many rhetorical questions and answers to help us present a convincing argument.

Workers on strike

The war in Ukraine, two years of Covid and a weak economy has led to spiralling inflation that hits the poorest hardest. The wealth gap has also increased. Now the workers who keep our public services running smoothly are demanding a fair wage, job security and safe working conditions. They are not “enemies of the people,” as some politicians claim. When the Righteous Caliphs collected and distributed the Zakaat funds in the way prescribed by the Quran and the Prophetic example, poverty was completely eliminated. Surely there are some lessons in this example for our leaders today.

The importance and value of Hajj

By Nouman Ali Khan 

Deeper and richer layers of meaning lay behind the Fifth Pillar of our faith. In this engaging and illuminating talk, we revisit the life and struggles on Nabi Ibrahim, Alahis Salaam. This video is essential viewing for those who have yet to go on Hajj, as well as for those who have already done so.

We learn from stories

By Arshad Gamiet

Everyone loves a good story. Human beings are natural story seekers and story tellers. Allah swt uses His Noble Book to teach us through stories. The stories in the Qur’ān are not just there for amusement. They are moral stories that teach us right conduct, and there are so many lessons that we can learn from them.