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The Cost Living Crisis – The Islamic Budget

By Basharat Ali

Across the world, more and more people are driven into poverty because of the higher cost of living. What are the causes and what is the solution? is there an alternative to our interest (Riba)-based financial system? What has Islam to offer? Listen to this informative and inspiring khutbah.

Lessons from one of the greatest teachers of the Qur’an

By Basharat Ali
Musab ibn Umayr was the first ambassadors of Islam. He gave up his wealth, his high reputation and even his safety to defend Islam during the difficult early years. He learned from the Qur’an and applied what he knew even before the whole revelation was complete. He spoke gently and persuasively to win over enemies to Islam. He paved the way for the Hijra, so that the Muslim refugees from Makkah would have a safe welcome in Madinah. He carried the Prophet’s banner at Badr and was martyred at Uhud. How many of his inspiring examples can we apply to our situation today?

Love your Parents

This khutbah on the importance of loving your parents was delivered by Br Atif Jung at the Jurgens Centre, Englefield Green, Surrey, on Friday 4th March 2022

The war in Ukraine

“We seem to be so weak and powerless to influence events that seem far beyond our means to control. Should we be concerned about the war in Ukraine? Sura Al-Ruum (The Romans) gives a clear answer. Muslims should always be concerned when anyone is suffering hardship, anywhere. We should always be on the side of justice, and be willing to help others in need.”

Ramadan: a time for Love and Gratitude to Allah

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
“Ramadan isn’t about long days, hunger and thirst or lack of sleep….. it’s about showing our love and gratitude to Allah. It’s about appreciating the countless blessings we enjoy every day. It’s about showing Allah how much we love, worship and adore Him…”

Preparing for Ramadan

By Dr Hossam Roushdi.

“Plan your Ramadan to make the best of this sacred month. Any good deed done during Ramadan is worth 70 times more than at other times….”
A transcript of this audio khutbah is now also available as a text khutbah.

This calamity brings us closer to Allah..

By Sheikh ‘Abdullah Al Judai’

“This momentous event that we are living through right now is
a mighty sign from among the signs of Allah; a sign that removed
all the masks, humbled the arrogant and conceited, cut off all ties to
any other than Him, placing a barrier, before the Day of
Resurrection, between people and their desires. Where is their
pompous display of power? Where is their pride in what knowledge
they have gained? Where are those who will rescue them from this
calamity, besides Allah?”