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Imagine you were in Rafah…

By Basharat Ali

Empathy, the ability to imagine what life is like for others, to walk in someone else’s shoes, is a very powerful quality. The students who empathise with Palestinians are now risking their studies, their careers, their personal safety by stating up for justice. They are opening the eyes of the world to the hypocrisy of the businesses and governments that support the killing and destruction of Gaza…

Isra and Mi’raj: The Mystical Night Journey and Ascension through the heavens

By Arshad Gamiet
“Before the Mi’raj occurred, Muslims had no idea as to how and when they should pray. Now we not only know how and when, but also the ‘why’ part. Why do we pray? Why 5 times a day? Why not just once? … When we Muslims pray, we enjoy a very special relationship with Allah. While other faiths have intermediaries, Muslims have no priest, no Rabbi, no Archbishop or even a Pope to stand between us and Allah. We worship Allah directly and Allah answers us directly. Allah says “I listen to the prayer of everyone who calls me. Let them also then, listen to My call, so that they may walk on the straight way.”

How to avoid hypocrisy

By Ahmed Baghdadi

This khutbah traces the history of hypocrisy amongst the followers of the Prophets, and shows us clearly how to avoid incurring Allah’s anger. A few small steps daily will help us cultivate healthy habits to refine our character and bring us closer to Allah…

The Chosen People

By Ustadh Abdul Basith Awan

Some Muslims suffer from an inferiority complex, so they uncritically adopt the western liberal culture. Actually, Islam is far superior, but they don’t realise it. We must fully appreciate our Islamic values so that we can become personal examples those who are spiritually lost

Gaza – ethnic cleansing on an industrial scale

By Basharat Ali

As Muslims, we must stand up for justice everywhere. We must oppose the indiscriminate killing of innocents, whether by Muslims or to Muslims, everywhere. We must stick to our high moral and ethical principles, clearly explained in the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah. We must also fearlessly call out crimes against humanity for what they are…

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Rabi Al Awal & Poetry

By Basharat Ali

‘Rabi Al Awal  is a very special month in the history of Islam. It is the month of the birth, hijra and death of the Prophet ﷺ’. As we enter this month, let us remember our leader and role model for all humanity. How would one describe Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? How would one summarise the life of the Prophet ﷺ in a few lines? Here is a poem by the best of poets of his time. We must do whatever we can to defend Islam and to share its message with others.

What does a ‘strong believer’ mean to you?

By Basharat Ali
For how much will you sell your principles? £50 million? £100 million?

This eloquent and inspiring khutbah describes two exceptional Muslim heroes. They stood firm on faith and justice, despite huge problems, they were not prepared to sell their Iman and Taqwa for all the wealth in the world….