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Mind reading

By Shaykh Hasan Elwan
“Beware of mind reading. You can judge behaviour, but don’t judge intentions. Only Allah knows our true intentions. . We cannot do that. We must never ascribe motives to others’ behaviour. That will only provoke hostility and damage our relationships…”

The virtues of Sabr (patience)

by Radia Razack

“Life will always be hard. Conditions will never be perfect. In fact it may only get more difficult, but the only relevant questions you need to ask yourself are what is your purpose and what value are you providing? Practising Sabr, like the aloe vera plant, will always result in growth, even if it doesn’t feel like it. If you’re not growing, you’re dying…”

Am I really sincere?

Khutbah by Dr Umar Suleiman
“Unless we sincerely do good deeds purely for Allah’s sake, we risk losing out completely. We should never do good just to look good in the eyes of others. Such intentions are unworthy and unacceptable to Allah…”

Never belittle the smallest good deed…

By Arshad Gamiet
“Sadly, these blessed days of Muharram have also been so traumatic for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Who can ever forget those desperate scenes at Kabul airport? Dozens of men were desperately hanging on to a plane that was taking off. Some fell to their death from hundreds of feet above the tarmac.
This is how 20 years of war has come to an end in Afghanistan, which has been described as “the graveyard of empires…”

Wisdom is a gift of Allah’s love

By Arshad Gamiet
“Clearly, Allah’s wisdom will only be conferred on those of us who use their intellect, those who ponder, who contemplate on Allah’s abundant signs in the world around us and the world within us. This regular exercise of deep contemplation must inevitably lead us to appreciate how much Allah loves us, how much Allah loves His entire creation.. If we reciprocate this Divine Love, we may indeed earn Allah’s gift of wisdom.”

America and its allies helped the Taliban on the road to victory

By Yvonne Ridley
“Let this be a lesson to all who look to America to police the world. The US message is clear: We bombed, invaded, and occupied your country and now we have quit, leaving someone else to sort out the mess that we made. What a propaganda tool for the Taliban. Is it any wonder that the movement has encountered little resistance on the road to Kabul?”

Signs of the End Times

By Essam Mahgoub

Floods, fires, landslides, sinkholes and scorching heatwaves. The scientists warn us that Planet Earth is in a crisis. But this isn’t just about science. It’s also about warnings in the Holy Quran. Those who defy Allah’s warning invite Allah’s punishment. We must all seek forgiveness and work hard to relieve the suffering of the most vulnerable around us. 

Eidul Adha Khutbah 2021

By Sheikh Essam Mahgoub

This short khutbah describes 3 things that a person of taqwa (cautious awareness of Allah) will not do: (1) Do not plan a sinful action. (2) Do not repeat a sin, and (3) Do not boast about your sinful deeds.