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Khalid Mustafa Abdul Kader

Beware of avoiding Zakat!

by Khalid Mustafa Abdul Kader In the name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Compassionate This could be a deep pit. Do …

The Power of ‘Ímán

there is an age at which young people learn things and accept new ideas; after that a person becomes less likely to …

The Lessons of Badr

Before the Divine Command to leave Mecca and emigrate to Al-Madinah was received by the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, Muslims had endured many years of persecution on the hands of the mushriks of Quraish…

Seeking Knowledge

Starting afresh in a new environment without immediate relations or long-standing friends could have its problems. On behalf of the Students’ Islamic Society and the local Muslim community, I would like to assure all students that we shall be pleased to help and render any assistance to make your stay here a happy and beneficial experience.

Tribalism, and UFOs

Families and extended families are bonded together by mutual love, respect and inter-dependence. As families grew in numbers, tribes were formed who congregated together in one area or moved around together providing mutual protection for their interests.

Tribalism and UFOs

“Among His Signs is this: that He created you from dust, and then behold, you are men scattered far and wide.”