Khutbah Guidelines

Date: Tuesday, 01 August 2017

Dear scholars, our much respected and appreciated khateebs.

Here are some rules/guidelines that we are required to send to all who deliver the Friday Khutbah. I am sure that you already observe them, but now the Charity Commision requires a written policy to be sent to each khateeb. This is to ensure that the Jumuah khutbah isn’t misused for political or other motives.

Thank you for accepting our invitation to deliver a khutbah and lead the Friday prayers.

We respectfully ask all our khateebs to observe the following rules/guidelines:

  1. Your khutbah must be positive, informative and inspiring.
  2. You should never use the khutbah to advance any political or sectarian agenda. If you must refer to current events, please do so in a way that encourages patience, endurance and forbearance.
  3. Be emphatic in denouncing all acts of terror. Explain that indiscriminate killing and acts of terror are forbidden in Islam
  4. Encourage people to rely on Allah, and to do good works to benefit society..
  5. Always address non-Muslims respectfully. Use terms like “people of the book,” Christian and Jewish ummahs, or “our friends and neighbours in the wider community…” To earn respect, we must show respect.
  6. Be inclusive, not exclusive. Remember that some people may be feeling low in faith, and may even be attending Jumuah for the very first time. Make it easy for them. Welcome them. Let them look forward to the next khutbah!
  7. Please keep your khutbahs short. Some of Prophet Muhammad’s sermons were just 15 minutes or less. These days, people have short attention spans. You will have a captive audience for about 20 to 30 minutes. Use the time wisely.

Thank you for observing these basic guidelines. May Allah reward you abundantly for your service to our community.

Kind regards

Arshad Gamiet
Khutbahbank Editor


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