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Tariq Ramadan

Isra’ and Mi’raj: The Miraculous Night Journey

by Tariq Ramadan.
“the Prophet and his experience reveal what prayer must in essence be: a reminder of and an elevation toward the Most High, five times a day, in order to detach from oneself from the world, and from illusions…”

Exile towards the beginning…

By Prof Tariq Ramadan
“Someday we are bound to come back to the beginning. Even the most distant pathways always lead us inward, completely inward, into intimacy, solitude between our self and our self—in the place where there is no longer anyone but God and our self.”

Fatherhood in Islam

“What we need to do is not to name and shame mosques or families. Don’t look for the guilty people – look for solutions…”

Sakineh, the Roma, Pakistan

“What drives my moral indigation, and my sense of solidarity? My commitment and the causes I support? Is it my social, community, political or religious affilation, or the common dignity of the world’s women and men?….”

Islam’s Role in an Ethical Society

“we must stop treating diversity as a hindrance, for it should be exactly the opposite. Rather, an ethics based on our common citizenship must be forged from a serious and profound engagement with the meaning of our common humanity…”

Fear Fuels Swiss Minarets Ban

“The Swiss have voted not against towers, but Muslims. Across Europe, we must stand up to the flame-fanning populists…”

Fear will only fuel the riots

Even though the riots have nothing to do with religion, analysts and politicians seem determined to centre the debate around Islam, integration and identity. We are facing a case of political brinkmanship, a dangerous strategy …