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Imam Omar Suleiman

Am I really sincere?

Khutbah by Dr Umar Suleiman
“Unless we sincerely do good deeds purely for Allah’s sake, we risk losing out completely. We should never do good just to look good in the eyes of others. Such intentions are unworthy and unacceptable to Allah…”

Five things to do on Lailatul Qadr

By Imam Omar Suleiman

“In the last 10 days of Ramadan, there is a hidden night that is the most consequential night of the year. Don’t miss out on the blessings on offer during this auspicious night. Here are five things you can do to gain the maximum benefit…”

Meeting Muhammad sws

By Omar Suleiman

The Yaqeen Institute has produced an excellent series of short video clips (about 10 minutes each) that give an intimate description of the Prophet of Islam. Imam Omar Suleiman is a gifted speaker who conveys his message with a warm smile and soothing voice. Highly recommended viewing and sharing with the whole family…