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Talha Asghar

Building an Ark of service to others

By Talha Asghar

Islam isn’t a spectator sport. It’s a lifelong program for action. Islam teaches us how to purify the spiritual heart This will be the final stage of attaining Allah’s good pleasure. We can do this best by helping others in need. We must also work hard to end poverty and suffering everywhere.

Small deeds have a transformative impact

By Talha Asghar

Allāh does not only look to our actions, but also more importantly, to our intentions. We should never overlook or belittle even the smallest good deed. What appears insignificant to us could be hugely important to Allah. Our selfless actions driven by pure intentions can have profound transformative results ………

How to improve your relationship with the Quran

By Talha Asghar

Ramadan, unlike any other time of the year, offers us the best opportunity to improve our relationship with the Holy Quran. During Ramadan, all our routines are changed to allow more time for improving our spiritual health…