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Rashard Jedaar

The Essence of ‘Education’

The olive, the oil that keeps the light glowing is fired from within – the enthusiasm and commitment of the dedicated educator that keeps the light glowing and, in the words of Imam Al-Ghazali “burns him/herself out” only to find the light in those whom he/she had taught.

Supplication (du’aah) to Allah

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful We thank and praise Allah SWT, the Compassionate, the Merciful. We bear witness …

The Conduct of a Muslim

Whatever we do, whatever we say or even think, we must harmonise our actions and behaviour, with the Will of Allah, the natural law of creation, we must conform to the values of Islam!

The Scourge of Drugs

Through intoxicants and gambling Shaytaan hopes to divert our minds from remembering Allah – knowing well that only by remembering Allah are the hearts of the believers at rest and will there not be need for drugs to provide a false sense of security.

The value of reading and reciting Al-Qur’án

Have we done enough to gain of the limitless rewards and blessings that Allâh has promised those of us who do good in this month? Will we get another chance to experience another Ramadhân?

Supplication (Du’aah) to Allah

Unlike talking to our friends in a conversation, a du’aah or supplication, stems from a deep, personal need which no human being can fulfill, no matter how rich or important he or she may be, no matter how intimately he may know or love you.