How do you explain Allah’s Mercy in a world of suffering?

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
Our news headlines are full of crises: War, flood and famine: natural disasters and man-made disasters. The atheists mockingly ask: Where is God in all this? If God is All Merciful, why is this allowed to happen? This khutbah offers some interesting answers.

The oppression of Uighur Muslims in China

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
Who are the Uighurs? Why is the Chinese government crushing them so ruthlessly? Today’s khutbah describes the historical background leading to the current dire situation. It also connects the Uighur to another persecuted people mentioned in Sura Al Buruuj, who were martyred for their faith in Allah.

Is our religion only for the mosque?

By Omar Medani
“Is our religion specifically for the mosque, or is it an all-inclusive Deen, that covers every aspect of life? This khutbah explains why every word and every action must be driven by the pure intention to please Allah alone…”

For the love of the Prophet sws

By Shaykh Jibril Alao
Allah’s Chosen One, our beloved Prophet Muhammad sws had a radiant beauty that shone inwardly and outwardly. Anyone who saw him would be awestruck by his presence. We must do our best to copy his immaculate behaviour, so that we can bring something of his luminous character to our troubled times…

Muslim tradition has outlasted slavery and Apartheid

By Dr Hisham A. Hellyer
“Cape Town was home to one such community. It’s perhaps ironic that such a beautiful exhibition of culture came about in a community that had been befallen by slavery, exploitation and apartheid before finally witnessing the beginning of democracy in 1995, with the election of the onetime resistance leader Nelson Mandela as president..”