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Sheikh Hassan Elwan

Empathy: the lesson of Sura Al Fiil (The Elephant)

By Sheikh Hasan Elwan.
A thought provoking khutbah about the true meaning of Sura Al Fiil (The Elephant). Through empathy we can understand the fear and pain of our enemy, and not to react in kind. We should understand and acknowledge their fear, and seek to win over their hearts and minds. By self-mastery, taming our inward state, we can become agents of mercy to others…

The Excellence of Saladin (Salahuddin Ayyubi)

By Sheikh Hassan Elwan
“Salahuddin Ayyubi showed mercy to the Christians of Jerusalem, following the example of Omar ibn al Khattab, and Omar followed the example of Prophet Muhammad, sws when he showed Mercy to the Quraish of Makka…”

Cultivating Patience

By Shaykh Hasan Elwan

How do we cultivate patience? How do we tame our lower passions? How do we rise above our instinctive, animal nature? How can we develop inner peace, equilibrium? How can we become content with whatever Allah sends our way, hard or easy?

Listen to this inspiring and informative khutbah……

Why Worship?

To listen to this audio khutbah, please click here: Sh H E why worship