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Shireen Abu Akleh was executed to send a message to Palestinians

By Jonathan Cook
“The truth is that a decades-long occupation can only survive through wanton – sometimes random, sometimes carefully calibrated – acts of terror to keep the subject population fearful and subdued. When the occupation is sponsored by the main global superpower, there is absolute impunity for those who oversee that reign of terror.”

Who was Saint George? the truth may surprise you!

“St George is an ecumenical saint. He is not just for one nation; he is patron saint of many, making him pretty universal. One main reason for Muslims revering him over time is that he was martyred for refusing to give divine honours to idols, and as such is delivered up as a staunch monotheist.” Many accounts have George destroying idols in the temple of Apollo, a story that resounds remarkably with the account of Abraham smashing the idols in his time.

Who are the Bani Isra-eel?

By Rabbi Allen Maller
“The Qur’an is very helpful in answering this question. Prophet Abraham is called a Muslim in the Arabic Qur’an; and in the Hebrew Bible the very same Prophet Abraham is called a Hebrew [speaker or ethnic person] and a Babylonian immigrant who crossed over the Jordan River.”

Covid-19: a punishment or mercy?

By Shaykh Hasan Elwan

“Is the coronavirus a punishment from Allah?” “Is Allah angry at us?” “Is the coronavirus a blessing, test, or punishment?” These theological questions are in the hearts and minds of many Muslims since the coronavirus spread worldwide, infecting over two million and taking the life of over 100,000 people thus far.1 Answering these questions requires a discussion of core theological concepts, including a thorough understanding of the concept of punishment. 

What Jesus means to me as a Muslim

By Omar Suleiman
“It is not an exaggeration to say that I could not be a Muslim without believing in Jesus. Islam has six articles of faith: belief in God, the angels, the divinely revealed scriptures, the messengers of God, the day of judgment and divine decree. To disbelieve in any one of those articles of faith is to disbelieve in Islam, and to reject any messenger of God (from Adam to Noah, Abraham to Moses, Jesus to Muhammad) is to reject Islam.”

Islamic and Jewish Views of Jesus’ Teachings

By Rabbi Allen Maller
“So the Trinitarian belief of Christianity is incorrect according to Islam and Judaism, but a Unitarian view is truly monotheistic.  So we can and should follow many of Rabbi Jesus’ teachings. ..”

Violence against women is condemned

“Every life is precious; the murder of countless innocent women like Sarah Everard or Sabina Nessa demands that we all take action now- by embracing equality, overcoming hatred and showing respect to ALL women whether they be our beloved mothers, sisters, darling wives or loving daughters…”