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Dr Waheeduddin Ahmed

Eidul Adha Khutbah

By Dr Waheeduddin Ahmed More than 4000 years ago, in the then city of Ur, a young man by the name of …

Life, Death and the Hereafter

Khutba delivered in the Milwaukee Islamic Da’wa Center on November. 20, 2009 By Dr. Waheeduddin Ahmed Life, Death and the Hereafter: Hamd …

The Sharia Controversy in America

Islamophobia, as it exists today in America, cannot be assigned to a single cause. It has a variety of causes. Differences in …

Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil

“Khaja Moinuddin Chishti is reported to have urged upon his disciples “to develop river-like generosity, sun-like affection and earth-like hospitality”. “The highest form of devotion”, he said “is to redress the misery of those who are in distress — to fulfill the needs of the helpless and to feed the hungry…”

Life, Death and the Hereafter

“A young child dies, leaving the old, the mother, the father and the grandparents behind. Why should the young die, leaving the old to linger? Who can give a rational answer? Which branch of science can explain this? …”

Hypocrisy or Sincerity? The future of Islam in America

Your race, genealogy, your wealth, your social status do not make you superior to any other human being. Your degrees: Ph.D. and M.D. do not upgrade you if they do not provide you with a higher degree of humanism. If they do not make you a better person, they are simply tools for the exploitation of other human beings. Islam knocked down the slave master, dragged him into dirt and elevated the slave to the status of a commander…