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Nouman Ali Khan

Parental Wisdom of Prophet Yacoob

By Nouman Ali Khan
“There are valuable lessons in Sura Yusuf. His father, Yacoob alayis salaam, taught us that sometimes children can be harmed by near family members. We must protect our children. We must nurture them and validate them with encouragement, not criticise and demean them constantly…”

How we lose our Iman (faith)

By Nouman Ali Khan
“Losing your faith comes gradually, not overnight. Beware of keeping bad company. Choose your firends wisely. Seek out friends who love Allah and do good…”

Islam is easy: We make it difficult!

By Nouman Ali Khan
“Sometimes, in our dealings with people, we are too impatient with them. We must be forbearing, mercifull, patient, just as Allah is patient with our own misbehaviour….”

Islam and Ego

By Nouman Ali Khan
“If you’re listening to this and thinking: “Ah, I must get so-and-so to hear this. It’s for them!” … then you have a problem. This talk isn’t meant for others. It’s for you! You may think you’re OK, that other people have a problem with their egos. No, It’s you! Start with yourself first….”