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Omar Galal

Lessons from Sura Al A’raf

By Omar Galal
“Beware of egotistical Sheikhs who are quick to issue fatwas. The really wise Sheikhs are modest, careful and quick to say “I don’t know the answer, but let’s find out…”

What is your inner state?

By Omar Galal
“It is easier to build walls and high buildings, than to build people of noble character. The real power of any great nation is not in its high buildings and great armies, but in the calibre of its people…”

Listen to both sides, and judge with justice

By Omar Galal
“Beware of making hasty judgements of others; Allah is the best of judges. Put your emotions and prejudices away. Listen carefully to both sides. Things aren’t always what they seem. The truth can be hidden somewhere you least expect to find it….”

Celebrating Eidul Adha

By Omar Galal
“We are sometimes t0o hasty, too judgemental, too harsh with one another. We need more Hilm, [be gentle, forbearing, patient with one another, we need to make allowances for each other…”


To listen to the khutbah, please click here: OG Apostasy

Avoid worldly distractions

We spend too much time on worldly distractions. The Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah has all the answers for our problems…