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Dr Omar Suleiman

Media martyrs and symbolic resistance

By Dr Omar Suleiman

The brave journalists who report from Palestine are being targeted. Many have been killed.  We must not allow the suffering of Gaza to be forgotten. We must keep the issue alive. We must continue to support them in their hour of need. Keep protesting against the injustice.

When the world is against you…

By Dr Omar Suleiman

This heartwarming khutbah reminds us never to despair, even in the darkest moments. Allah knows all, and Allah is fully in control of His creation…

Deeds equal to the rewards of Hajj

By Shaykh Omar Suleiman

Did you know that there are some deeds that are so beloved to Allah, that they carry the same reward as going on Hajj? Many people may not have the opportunity to perform the Hajj, because of situations beyond their control: Ill health, lack of money, or not being listed on the quota allocated to their country, for example. But they can still gain the same rewards…..

AI and Chat GPT: Spiritual resilience and Ethics

By Omar Suleiman
“With the advent of AI and ChatGPT, how do Muslims approach convenience and rapid technological innovation with the proper spiritual resilience and framework needed to thrive? This timely khutbah raises important questions about the uses and abuses of of emerging technology.”