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Karen Armstrong

Karen Armstrong: “There is nothing in Islam that is more violent than Christianity”

““Terrorism has nothing to do with Muhammad, any more than the Crusades had anything to do with Jesus. There is nothing in Islam that is more violent than Christianity. All religions have been violent, including Christianity. There was nothing in the Muslim world like antisemitism: that is an import of the modern period. They got it from us…”

Prejudices about Islam will be shaken by this show

“The Arabs had no conception of an exclusive religious tradition, so they were deeply shocked when they discovered that most Jews and Christians refused to consider them as part of the Abrahamic family..”

Do Unto Others

World religions too often seem predicated on prejudice, when their true roots lie in compassion

Unholy Strictures

It is wrong – and dangerous – to believe literal truth can be found in religious texts.


We must root out this sinister cultural flaw. Even vote-hungry politicians fail to see anti-semitism for what it is.