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Muhammad Ash-Shareef

Returning to Allah

Musa alayhis salaam led the elders and men, the women and children of Bani Israeel to the mouth of the raging sea. With nothing to defend themselves, they turned back to see Fir’own, furious, and his henchmen – blades sheathed – racing towards them. But Musa knew that Allah would not allow the da’wah to be wiped away and annihilated.

Why should I study Islam?

How can one of us be too lazy to pray 2 raka’at at night, when the people of the Dunya spend the entire night watching movies, some of which they have to read the translation on the bottom of the screen?

The Struggle for One God

Although it was permissible for the Muslims to lie to save themselves from the torture, you’ll see many examples of Muslims who would rather die than surrender their right to believe that only Allah deserved to be worshipped.

When Friends Hurt Each Other

Allah created humans with differences. It is the law of creation. Different tongues, different colors, different cultures… all that on the outside. On the inside, humans were created with many degrees of knowledge, intellect, and comprehension of concepts.

Weddings: A Time To Thank Allah

In this time of happiness, when gifts are received, hugs are generously donated, and laughter sprinkles the tables, we must remember who gave this all to us.


Has not man considered how We created him from a drop of semen? Yet he is an open adversary! He makes something up to be compared with Us and forgets how he was created. He says, “Who will revive [our] bones after they have rotted away?