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Khalid Mustafa Abdul Kader, Page 2

Those who earned Allah’s Wrath

A fundamental principle in Islam is that all Muslims say in words and deeds ‘We hear and we obey’ the Commands of Allah and His Messenger because we believe in the wisdom, justice and goodness of such Commands.

The Power of ‘Ímán

The popular belief is that if a young person grows up used to doing something, he or she shall grow old doing the same thing and if he or she grows old doing that same thing, he or she will die doing it.

Tafseer of Sura Qaaf 3

‘Then will Allah send down upon you water from under the Throne known as the Water of Life. The heavens will rain on you for forty years until water rises above you some twelve arms lengths.’

Tafseer of Sura Qaaf 2

Sometimes whilst reciting certain ayaat or listening to a recitation the ayaat acquire a specific, perhaps new, significance. They may acquire a greater proportion than we had hitherto realised.

Tafseer of Sura Qaaf 1

The opening ayat of Surat Qaaf represent an impossible challenge to the unbelievers and the doubters. To be able to evaluate its huge impact, let us imagine that we are hearing these ayat for the first time.

Tafseer of Súra Al-Wáqi’ah

“And among those around you of the wandering Arabs there are hypocrites, and among the townspeople of Al-Madinah, there are some who persist in hypocrisy whom you (O Muhammad) know not, We know them and We shall punish them twice, then they will be relegated to a painful doom”

The Meaning and Significance of Shahadah

Every so often we need to remind ourselves of the fundamentals of our Deen so that we do not lose sight or waver, taint our beliefs or simply become relaxed in its application. Today let us remind ourselves of the meaning and significance of Al-Shahadah.