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Atif Jung

The Sacrifice of Abraham

By Atif Jung

As the season of the Great Pilgrimage, the Hajj, approaches, this is a good time to reflect on the examples of Prophet Abraham, and his son, Ismail. What can we learn about implicit obedience and unfailing trust, unshakeable faith in Allah? There are many important life lessons here….

Palestine has already won

By Atif Jung

Do not for a moment think that Allah’s religion will be defeated. The enemies of Islam are waging an unwinnable war. They may advance a bit here and there, but Allah’s promise is true: The unbelievers seek to blow out Allah’s light, but Allah will protect His light, even though the unbelievers will detest it…

The wisdom behind trials and tribulations

By Atif Jung

Every believing Muslim knows that our earthly life is full of trials and tribulations. These are Allah’s challenges to sort out those who are best in their deeds, from those who are the worst. The earthquake in Morocco and the floods in Libya will surely reveal the best and the worst in human nature….

The Great Sacrifice

By Atif Jung

We can learn so many important lessons from the examples of Prophet Abraham, Nabī Ibrāhīm, his wife Hājar and son Ismāīl alayhis salām, These  examples are so powerful and so timeless that they form the essential rituals of the Hajj…

Me or Humanity

By Atif Jung
“We live in an age of selfishness, where most people are only concerned about themselves. Allah teaches us that those who show mercy to others, Will find that Heaven will shower mercy on them…”

Duties that Muslims owe each other

By  Atif Jung

Many of us take our faith for granted, but there are important duties that we owe each other. This khutbah clearly sets out the most important duties we must fulfil to our brothers and sisters in faith.

Tawbah (Repentance) and the mercy of Allah

By Atif Jung

No matter how much we have sinned, we should never despair of Allah’s capacity to forgive. Allah forgives all sins, except for the sin of associating partners with Allah. But there are some preconditions we have to fulfil, before we can expect Allah’s forgiveness…

Beware the danger of hypocrisy

By Atif Jung

Those who are openly believers and openly disbelievers are easy to identify. But hypocrites, those who pretend to be believers but who secretly hate us are a much bigger problem. We must beware of any traits of hypocrisy in our own hearts: backbiting, slandering others, making promises that we have no intention of keeping…