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Atif Jung

Beware the danger of hypocrisy

By Atif Jung

Those who are openly believers and openly disbelievers are easy to identify. But hypocrites, those who pretend to be believers but who secretly hate us are a much bigger problem. We must beware of any traits of hypocrisy in our own hearts: backbiting, slandering others, making promises that we have no intention of keeping…

Ramadan in the Quran

By Atif Jung
“Just like a hairy caterpillar emerges from a cocoon to become a beautiful butterfly, the fasting person should emerge from Ramadan with a beautified character and faith in Allah improved.”

Love your Parents

This khutbah on the importance of loving your parents was delivered by Br Atif Jung at the Jurgens Centre, Englefield Green, Surrey, on Friday 4th March 2022

Mercy, Compassion and spreading Peace

By Atif Jung
“In just 23 years, the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah transformed the most backward people into the best community sent to humankind… That transformation began within the hearts of the Believers. Our own transformation must begin within our own hearts, so that we can become like our noble predecessors, a healing for the ailments of our wider society..”

How to thank Allah in the best way

By Atif Jung
“There are countless reasons, both apparent and hidden, for our gratitude to Allah. We are utterly, entirely dependent on Allah. Showing gratitude to Allah is an integral part of Faith, Iman…”