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Khalid Mustafa Abdul Kader, Page 3

Remember Oppressed Muslims

It is one of the numerous mercies of Allah that we, human beings, can and do forget; we forget unpleasant or painful situations or events just as we forget happy ones. The memory of the painful or sad events do not have the same degree of feeling of sadness as when the event occurred.

The Importance of Prayer and Fasting

“When you have performed the act of worship, remember Allah, standing, sitting and reclining. And when you are in safety, observe proper worship. Worship (prayer) at fixed hours has been enjoined on the believers.”

Perfection of Faith

If your Deen is safe, and by the Grace of Alláh, it is, you have nothing and no one to fear, no matter how physically or materially powerful. Place your trust in Alláh as did our father (Ibrahim) and his son (Ismail).

Eid al-Fitr Khutbah 1422H

Celebrating our Eids is to uphold a Sunnah established some 1400 years ago when the foundations of the first Islamic State, the first and unique Islamic civilization were laid down. On this occasion we thank and praise Allah, Most High, for all His Mercies and Blessings over the Holy month of Ramadhan.

Avoiding Alláh’s wrath

The command was simple and straightforward: sacrifice a cow. Did they obey the command? Certainly not. After accusing Moses of making fun of them, they started asking questions; needless questions and the more questions they asked the more difficult Allah, Most High, made it for them as we shall see.

Proofs of Allah’s Existence

Allah, The Exalted, is reminding mankind that He (Subhaaneh) created them from nothing. Is not He who created in the first instance able to re-create? Why cannot you believe in the Resurrection?