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Basharat Ali

Eidul Fitr Khutbah 2024

By Basharat Ali

We live in a strange world indeed. Eid greetings from Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak while they supply weapons for the slaughter of thousands of women and children? Non-Muslim activists being criminalised and arrested for protesting against the killing while so many Muslim leaders remain silent and turn the other way?

Ramaḍān, Qur’ān and purification of the heart

by Basharat Ali

“The heart should be content with whatever the Master throws at it. True faith, Iman, is about accepting all the challenges of life as gifts from Allah. Suffering is a gift. It is an opportunity to show a beautiful patience and resilience, a Sabr Jameel. with dignity and the certainty that we will inherit Allah’s eternal reward.

A Tale of Two Centuries…The Ist Century Hijri & The Century for Muslims since 1924

By Basharat Ali

Compare these two centuries of Muslim history, separated by 1,200 years. The first, glorious century that saw Islam spread from Arabia to Spain and the borders of China. Allah’s religion, the purest Monotheism became the most powerful nation on earth. Now look at the last 100 years since the fall of the Ottoman Empire….

Gaza, UN vetoes, UK parliament, corruption and intimidation

By Basharat Ali

The corruption and hypocrisy of those who speak so eloquently about democracy, human rights and the rule of law is now so clearly visible. The masks have fallen. There is no excuse for defending the genocide and slaughter of innocent men, women and children in Gaza…. 

International Court of Justice, and Gaza

By Basharat Ali

What is Justice? Has the IJC delivered justice for the people of Gaza? What does Islam say about justice? Where do you and I stand, and what can we learn from the unfolding catastrophe in Palestine? Allah will surely hold everyone accountable, including ourselves, for what we did to uphold justice. This is our inescapable fate

Gaza: Courage and Bravery

By Basharat Ali

“The Palestinians are showing the world their extraordinary courage and bravery. Most Muslim rulers are doing too little to help them. But what about you and me? What excuse do we have? We pray and we share our WhatsApp messages and videos. But is that all we can do? On the day of Judgement, those messages and videos may well become a witness against us…”

Gaza: are we delaying the help of Allah?

By Basharat Ali
The Quran warns us against hypocrisy. This is no trivial matter, it’s very serious: “O you who believe! Why do you say that which you do not do? Most repulsive is it to Allah that you say what you do not do…” We must be people of integrity: completely whole in how we think, speak and act. Belief and action must go hand in hand…”

Gaza genocide: Must we all repent for Allah’s help to arrive?

By Basharat Ali

“You and I are tiny individual pixels in that 1.8 billion-pixel picture that is the worldwide Muslim Ummah. If all of us move in harmony, together, we can be an unstoppable force. We should exert ourselves to support what is right and to forbid what is wrong. Allah will surely hold us to account..”