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Dr A Rahman Khan

Albanian Muslims who sheltered Jews in WW2

Forwarded by Dr A Rahman Khan
“Albania was the only European country to have more Jews after the war than before it began. In today’s difficult times, stories like these need to be appreciated more widely. During the Nazi occupation of WW2, at great personal risk, many Albanian families hid Jewish families, treating them as their own…”

NHS Ramadan Health Guide

Forwarded by Dr A Rahman Khan
“This Guide is essential reading, especially for those who have health concerns and who want to fast during this blessed month.”

1-a-day Duahs for Ramadan

Forwarded by Dr A Rahman Khan
“Beautify your fasting experience by reciting at least one of the following duahs [supplications]. There are 30 duahs, one for each day of Ramadan.

Handbook for Khateebs

By Dr A Rahman Khan

“Communication is the basis for all relationships. This handbook helps us to become better communicators by delivering more effective khutbahs every Friday…”

Making khutbahs more effective

By Dr A Rahman Khan.
” Khateeb are the conduits and the harbingers of the values in Islam. Needless to emphasize, they play a vital role in our communities as role models for the young and old to emulate…”