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Imam Nur Salie

Islam and the Environment

By Imam Noor Salie “The World Is Moving Into A Water Stress Era. Water Tables Are Falling In Almost Every Country That Irrigates Underground Water. Farmers Are Losing Water To The Ever Growing Cities. Glaciers Are Melting Faster Than Expected Due To Global Warming Which Results In Mountain Peoples’ Reduction In Their Water Supply. Underground Water Becomes Contaminated Due To Mining Activities In Many Areas….”

Signs of a True Believer

by Imam Noor Salie

There are many references and descriptions in verses of the Holy Quran and many statements (Ahadith) from the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) who the true believers are — in our short talk we selected verses from Chapter 23 — 1-11.

Contentment is a sign of a true believer. When one is afflicted with catastrophes and shows patience and contentment and does not complain about his sufferings; be sure that he is indeed a true believer.

The virtue of contentment is closely connected with the virtue of putting trust in Allah. When one shows contentment with what he has got and does not foster envy or hatred towards others, he is certain that Allah will not let him down and there is a great reward awaiting him.

Allah’s Contentment with His Servants: Muslims are required to accept Islam and follow its teachings as their way of life. They are commanded by Allah to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil and bad. In addition, Muslims are to denounce associating others with Allah. Once Muslims fulfill Allah’s commands and obligations, Allah will be satisfied with them and He will bestow His mercy and pleasure upon them here and in the hereafter

Rediscovering Islam

  By Imam Nur Salie   Masjidul Muneer – Constantia Almighty Allah exhort us in Surah Nur [24:46] “We have indeed sent down …

Death and Dying

-Dying is normally associated with Suffering –Pain and Trauma. — And it is normal to fear suffering, and react to it with anger and frustration, because we feel oppressed by it and powerless against it. The denial of our own power lies at the root of suffering. Quite often suffering blocks our faith (IMAN) and some of the many Questions that are asked are “Why Me?” “Where is Allah in all of this” Why am I being Punished?” — There is a search for meaning….