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Rashard Jedaar, Page 3

‘Ibaadah: A total commitment to Allah

A Muslim lives two lives: a religious and a worldly life — a kind of apartheid rooted in our very personalities. Often we are torn between two loyalties.

The Significance of ‘Idul-Fitr

Through the takbir we realise our tremendous power as an Ummah. The Ramadhan brought us together in a common bond of brotherhood. Together we sacrificed our food, together we abstained from vain talk and useless acts.

Ramadhán, the Blessed Month

At the same time, we need to remind ourselves that fasting is an ‘ibâdah, an act of worship: to abstain from eating and drinking or the physical component, is really a small part of the ‘ibâdah.


Don’t we often wish that the wrong things we did, never happened or our successful undertakings would recur over and over again? The very fact that we now want to forget or prevent certain things from happening again or to repeat other things, shows that we have learnt from our experiences in time.

The oppressed minority

Do we Know, that, among us are an insecure and oppressed minority who are denied basic human rights to move around freely and safely, to earn a living without feeling patronised, even to have free access to a masjid?