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Ibrahim Al-Tamimy

Love for the Prophet Muhammad sws

By Ibrahim Al Tamimy
“If you think of all the noblest human qualities: kindness, mercy, generosity, wisdom, forbearance for others’ weakness, loving support to women and children, absolute honesty, sincerity and loyalty. All these qualities were shown in their most perfect form in the life example of Prophet Muhammad sws…”

Fast on Thursday 10th Muharram: show thanks to Allah…

By Ibrahim al Tamimi
“Faith and gratitude are inseparable. Fasting on the 10th Muharram is a way of showing thanks to Allah swt. On the grand scale of things, it may be a very small and inadequate thanks, weighed against the limitless blessings we enjoy and often take for granted. But Allah swt still rewards us disproportionately, even for this humble offering of thanks….
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The Virtues of Dhikr

Jumaa Khutbah Title: The Virtues of Dhikr (The virtues of the frequent mention of Allah and his messenger). By:¬†¬†Ibrahim Al-Tamimy Location: The …