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Beliefs and Practices of Islam, Page 2

Master Supplication for Forgiveness..

By Dr Husni Hammuda
“Prophet Muhammad sws said that all human beings commit sins, but the best of those who commit sins are those who repent. He also taught us the best of prayers for Repentance. If we memorise this prayer and recite it often with sincerity, then surely Allah will forgive us. Allah is the Most Forgiving..”

The Irresistible Power of Du’a (supplication to Allah)

By Dr Muein Shubib.
The Holy Quran offers us numerous examples of Du’a (supplications to Allah). They are not just random prayers. These examples come directly from the life examples of the Prophets. Well known du’a that we recite daily are in fact the prayers of Adam, Ebrahim, Musa, Yunus, Ayyub and many others, may Allah’s peace and blessings be on them all. These prayers show us how to invoke Allah’s help in times of distress, and also how to thank Allah in times of ease.”

The wisdom of overlooking the faults of others

By Dr Husni Hammuda

“Finding fault with others deceives us into considering ourselves superior. It’s a trick of Shaytaan to make excuses for our own bad behaviour. We should be generous and forbearing towards others, and strict with ourselves….”

Sacred tranquillity in our age of distress and anxiety

By Abu Aaliyah
“For a Muslim, the Qur’an is a powerful shifa’, or healing: And We reveal of the Qur’an that which is a healing and a mercy to the believers. [Q.17:82] And whilst the primary healing of the Qur’an is in curing the intellectual doubts, falsehoods or half truths concerning God, humanity’s true purpose, life’s essential meaning, and our ultimate end; and in providing humanity with a practical and liveable morality suitable for all times or places,..”

When calamity strikes, say “We came from Allah, and to Allah we will return!”

By Ibrahim Al Tamimi

“The British election result has come as a shock to the Muslim community. Islamophobia seems likely to get worse as the party in government has swung towards more right-wing policies. Living as a Muslim in Britain today will become even more challenging. At times like this, we should remember: Be Islamic; don’t panic! Allah is in control of history. We should follow the example of Prophet Muhammad sws and his noble companions. Put our trust in Allah. “Hasbun Allah wa neya’mal wakeel” Allah is the best Guardian and Protector…”

Lessons about good relationships in Sura Al Hujurat

By Dr Hossam Roushdi

“Careless habits may seem trivial to us, but they can have serious consequences. Sura Al Hujurat reminds us of the dangers of backbiting, slander and mocking others. False pride and an exaggerated sense of our own self importance is a problem that true believers must always guard themselves against. We should cultivate humility, and make excuses for others while holding ourselves to account at all times…”

Become a better husband, like Prophet Muhammad sws!

By Dr Husni Hammuda

“A growing number of marriages are failing because of wrong expectations and cultural habits that do not follow the Prophetic Sunnah. Our Prophet Muhammad sws was an exemplary husband.  He was the busiest man in the world: He led a nation as their political and spiritual leader, yet he helped with the humdrum chores at home. He helped with the housework; he mended his own clothes and sandals. More marriages will succeed if lazy husbands changed their attitude and  treated their wives with loving care and respect…”

How to stop worrying about the future..

By Nouman Ali Khan
“The big stories on our daily news bulletins range from endless wars and corrupt politicians to climate related catastrophes. When we consider the many crises all around us, it’s not surprising that many of us become anxious about the future. Here Nouman Ali Khan reminds us that the Holy Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah offers us reason for hope and reliance on Allah’s mercy…”