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Christians and Muslims: The Other Story

By Arshad Gamiet
“Wars between Crusaders and Caliphates tell us more about the political rivalry for wealth and power between two civilizations. It tells us nothing about the spiritual connection that has always existed, very strongly, between believing Christians and believing Muslims…”

Reason and Rhetoric in the Noble Quran

“The Holy Quran uses both rhetoric and reason in a powerful way. It addresses us, the readers, not as passive consumers of information, but as critical and sentient human beings. It engages both our intellect and our innate sense of balance, fairness, reason, logic and beauty, which are gifts from Allah…”

Playing at Religion

“While ostensibly upholding and defending religion, a strongly ideological approach tends to undermine the deepest most profound aspects of religion. It binds men to specific ways of filtering and judging reality instead of doing what religion is meant to do – to bind men to God and thus unfold for them a perspicacious and penetrating insight..”

We Need to Learn From Our Mistakes

“Crimes that injure whole populations are wounds to the body of humanity. But fact-avoidance is the infection. It may be, that quite often, extremist violence is the very pus produced by a wound. If we continue to neglect wounds, they are sure to fester.”