Terror on a train

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

“Last Friday afternoon, when two young teenage girls (one of them wearing a headscarf) were being verbally abused by a monster in human form, three onlookers chose not to look away and instead came to the girls’ aid. Unexpectedly, the aggressor did something beyond our ken: he stabbed two of them to death and grievously injured the third man…

Tragedy acquires meaning and consequence only if we learn from it. And what we must learn from this tragic event in Portland is that the best of America came up against the worst of America on that train. And even though the best died, in their death, there has to be a collective affirmation from all of us that the America of Jeremy Joseph Christian is not the America that we want. Instead, we must resolve to nurture the America of the three courageous men who put their lives on the line…”

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