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Zaheer Yaqoob

Always be sincere to Allah

By Zaheer Yaqoob
“Our human weakness: pride, vanity, egotism, prevents us from cultivating a strong personal bond with Allah. We have to constantly examine our own hearts, our intentions, with absolute sincerity. Are our good deeds driven purely out of love and gratitude to Allah, or are we trying to make a good impression on people? Do we enjoy the praise and the high esteem in which we are held? Are we easily offended by criticism? 

“Alhamdulillah” means that all praise and thanks is due to Allah, not only some of it. We are simply the tools through which Allah fashions his good work…”

The blessings of asking forgiveness

By Zaheer Yaqoob

“Allah says that even if you have sins that reach up to the sky, Allah is able to forgive that. We must never despair of Allah’s capacity to forgive. Just stop the sinful behaviour, resolve never to go there again, and sincerely turn to Allah in repentance…”

Remembering Death

By Zaheer Yaqoob
“Jannah doesn’t come easy. We have to struggle with heart and soul to know Allah and to seek Allah’s good pleasure. This is a lifelong struggle..”