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Sheikh Abduragmaan Alexander, Page 2

Muslim’s Racism

We dare not dishonour what Allah has honoured All praise be to Allah and choicest salutations on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace …

Polygamy in Islam

“ It is my right to marry another wife………… and to hell with the Sheikh ” Praise and Glory be to Allah …

“The woman is right and Umar is wrong…”

One of the primary sources on which our Islamic legal system is built, is the principle of Ijtihaad, which means “to exert oneself” through applying your Aql on the premise of profound knowledge.

Muslims’ Racism

What will be your answer in the divine Supreme Court, when the charge of racism is leveled against you? What will you answer to the Supreme Creator when you will be guilty of killing and abusing members of His vicegerent on the basis of xenophobia?

Polygamy in Islam

So let it be clearly understood that; In Islam, marriage of one man to one woman is the general rule. Polygyny is offered as a solution only, on the basis of justice and equity amongst the two, three or four wives, to meet certain needs and not a free license for any man to use and abuse.