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Rabbi Allen S Maller, Page 2

How Qur’an and Torah Support Each Other

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“Ramadan is the month when the Sacred Scriptures of Christians, Jews and Muslims were first revealed, so it is a good time to understand how they relate to one another.

Since all monotheistic scriptures come from the one and only God, we all should view other monotheistic religion’s scriptures as potentially enriching our understanding of our own scripture. Yet for almost 14 centuries almost all Jews, Christians and Muslims have read each others holy scriptures from an adversarial perspective.

This is because in the middle ages almost all readers thought of revelation as a zero sum sport like tennis (with only one winner) rather than a multiple win co-operative sport like mountain climbing. …”

Muslim Refugee Ban Rejected By Jewish Leaders

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“President Donald Trump’s executive order banning refugees from entering the USA left much of the American Jewish community horrified — particularly as the announcement came on International Holocaust Remembrance Day…”

Allah and Brotherly Love Produce Holy Places

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“Throughout the Middle Ages in Europe, North Africa and west Asia, Jerusalem and Mecca were frequently portrayed by Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the center of their maps and thought of as the navel, heart or lungs of the world.

God willing, someday everyone may see both cities and their sanctuaries as central to our spiritual connection to the One God of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac.”

Hanukah Lights For Iraq, Syria and Yemen 

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“In addition, this year, Christmas falls on the first day of Hanukah. So all of us, Jews, Christians and Muslims, who cry for all those who are suffering so terribly in Syria, Yemen and Iraq can learn from the Hanukah festival which holds out the hope that in the long run, faith and trust in God, will give the victims the strength to rebuild their lives after the Jahili leaders who crush innocent civilians will be gone. ,,”

A Jewish View of Prophet Muhammad as an Abrahamic Prophet

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“God’s Messenger is so well known for his sense of justice that a Jew can appeal to him, even in a conflict with a Muslim who has attacked this Jew. It is only natural for Jews to think that Moses is the best, and for Muslims to think that Muhammad is the best…”

Human Evolution: A Three Stage Religiously Civilized Species

By Rabbi Allen S Maller

Many secularists dislike the idea that spiritual desires drove the rise of stage three Homo Sapiens human civilization. They fret that it will reinforce or restore religion’s central place in society. Even worse, it might mean that the Marxist influenced view that the economic means of production is the primary driving force in the development of human society and civilization; is factually false…”

Why are there so many religions?

By Rabbi Allen S Maller
“Most college students have at one time or another asked, ‘If there is only one God, why are there so many religions?’ A good question that I as a Rabbi have often been asked.
This is my answer. The Qur’an declares that Allah could have made all of us monotheists, a single religious community, but (didn’t) in order to test our commitment to the religion that each of us have been given by God.
“If Allah had so willed, He would have made you a single people, but (God’s plan is) to test you in what He has given you: so compete in all virtues as in a race. The goal of you all is to (please) Allah who will show you on judgment day) the truth of the matters in which you dispute.”