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Omar Galal, Page 4

Lessons from Imam Abu Hanifa part 1

“Great scholars like Abu Hanifa show us how to accommodate diverse opinions, respect differences and still respect one another. As the Quran says, “Hold fast to the rope which Allah stretches out for you, and do not be divided…”

Day of Judgement preparations

This khutbah emphasises our prepartation of meeting Allah. Worldly concerns obscure us form the need to purify our hearts and to prepare the Soul for its journey home to its origins.

Allah Pardons Almost Anything

“Never belittle the smallest good deed you’ve done. Never let your sins leave you so overwhelmed by guilt and remorse that you give up doing good. Never despair of Allah’s overwhelming capacity to forgive and show mercy…”

Real Heroes: Salahuddin Ayyubi (Saladin)

“Salahuddin’s skill in warfare and generosity in victory won him many admirers. His personal physician was a famous Jewish scholar, Rabbi Moses Maimonades. Honest historians say the golden age of Jewish civilization was enjoyed under Muslm rule….”