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Irshaad Hussain, Page 2

The Fulfilment of Joseph’s Dream

So when spiritual realities are perceived in Joseph’s revelatory dream, that dream is more real than the events it foreshadows in the sense that it gives a truer picture of the nature underlying the events in this world…

The Quranic Concept of Time

“So the Quran teaches us a new way to look upon history. It is not “ancient stories” but living truths. It teaches us to erase the distance between ourselves and the past and to call forth the past like memories, till a total picture of the history of truth is formed….”

Dhikr (Remembrance) and the Path of Mercy

When remembrance (dhikr) of Allah is connected with the aspect of His mercy and compassion, that quality of mercy begins to manifest within one’s own character – it gains a real, living presence and the heart expands with it’s growth. One’s thinking, words, actions, and all one’s relationships within families, communities, and in the wider world begins to display this mercy…