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Ibrahim Al Tamimi

When calamity strikes, say “We came from Allah, and to Allah we will return!”

By Ibrahim Al Tamimi

“The British election result has come as a shock to the Muslim community. Islamophobia seems likely to get worse as the party in government has swung towards more right-wing policies. Living as a Muslim in Britain today will become even more challenging. At times like this, we should remember: Be Islamic; don’t panic! Allah is in control of history. We should follow the example of Prophet Muhammad sws and his noble companions. Put our trust in Allah. “Hasbun Allah wa neya’mal wakeel” Allah is the best Guardian and Protector…”

Beware of the company you keep…

By Ibrahim Al Tamimi
“People are judged by the company they keep. If you always seek the company of bad people, soon you’ll become like them. Be selective. Seek the friendship of good people, people who will remind you of Allah, the Prophets and their noble Companions, and soon you’ll become a better person.,,,”

Fulfilling the Purpose of Ramadan

By Ibrahim Al Tamimi
“Allah reminds us that the purpose of Ramadan is not merely to get hungry and thirsty. The purpose is to attain piety, Taqwa, and to get closer to Allah..”

Repentance before Ramadan

By Ibrahim Al Tamimi
“There are people who will never forgive you. Then there is Allah, who invites you to return to Him. And he not only forgives your sins, but he turns your sins into good deeds, if your repentance is sincere. That is Allah, the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful…”