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Essam Mahgoub, Page 2

Prayers unanswered? Please Allah first!

By Essam Mahgoub
“A Muslim and a Mu’min (true Believer) are not the same. A Mu’min enjoys a far higher status with Allah. A Muslim has to work very hard, controlling passions, cultivating patience, and reposing complete faith and trust in Allah, to become a True Believer…”

Khuluq: Islamic manners and morals

By Essam Mahgoub
“Deep, penetrating knowledge is impossible without Taqwa, awe-inspired Allah awareness. For example, Al Khwarithmi was actually a scholar of Inheritance Law. He was so precise in his calculations that his work became known as “Algorithms” in mathematics. This amazing legacy is still in use today. It’s a vital part of computer programming. This is Allah’s gift to a talented servant whose search for knowledge was driven by Taqwa…”

Eidul Adha khutbah 2014

By Essam Mahgoub
“To have an accepted Hajj, make sure that your money is clean. Your earnings must be Halaal; You cannot expect Allah to bless your Hajj if your earnings are tainted, if you have in any way earned your wealth through forbidden means….”

Improve your attitude, improve your life!

“When you keep getting things wrong, you won’t get it right if you’re still the same person you were last time! Change your attitude. Improve yourself, and you’ll change and improve your whole life…”