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Prophets of Allah

Sultan of the Heart

By Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
“This Eidul Fitr khutbah was delivered at the new Cambridge mosque. Eloquent and inspiring, it covers some of the most pressing issues of the day, and how we Muslims can be excellent role models for others. Islam is a religion of the fitrah,  and we should be good custodians of the natural environment that Allah has gifted to us as his earthly trustees….”

How important are your parents?

By Shaykh Hasan Elwan
“This passionate and eloquent khutbah explains the crucial importance our parents hold in our lives. Please view it and share it widely. Editors.”

What Jesus means to me as a Muslim

By Omar Suleiman
“It is not an exaggeration to say that I could not be a Muslim without believing in Jesus. Islam has six articles of faith: belief in God, the angels, the divinely revealed scriptures, the messengers of God, the day of judgment and divine decree. To disbelieve in any one of those articles of faith is to disbelieve in Islam, and to reject any messenger of God (from Adam to Noah, Abraham to Moses, Jesus to Muhammad) is to reject Islam.”

For the love of the Prophet sws

By Shaykh Jibril Alao
Allah’s Chosen One, our beloved Prophet Muhammad sws had a radiant beauty that shone inwardly and outwardly. Anyone who saw him would be awestruck by his presence. We must do our best to copy his immaculate behaviour, so that we can bring something of his luminous character to our troubled times…

Haya’ (modesty) is the defining character of Islam

By Shaykh Hasan Elwan
“If we must correct someone, never shame them.
We should always gently remind each other that some behaviours are dishonourable, beneath the noble conduct befitting a follower of Islam…”

Mind reading

By Shaykh Hasan Elwan
“Beware of mind reading. You can judge behaviour, but don’t judge intentions. Only Allah knows our true intentions. . We cannot do that. We must never ascribe motives to others’ behaviour. That will only provoke hostility and damage our relationships…”