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Why do we believe in what we believe?

By Dr Omar Medani
“It’s not enough to be only emotionally attached to Islam. We must also be intellectually convinced that we are following the right religion. Emotion combined with reason becomes a passionate, powerful combination. This is how we can convince our children, future generations and our neighbours in the wider society…”

How do you explain Allah’s Mercy in a world of suffering?

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
Our news headlines are full of crises: War, flood and famine: natural disasters and man-made disasters. The atheists mockingly ask: Where is God in all this? If God is All Merciful, why is this allowed to happen? This khutbah offers some interesting answers.

The oppression of Uighur Muslims in China

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
Who are the Uighurs? Why is the Chinese government crushing them so ruthlessly? Today’s khutbah describes the historical background leading to the current dire situation. It also connects the Uighur to another persecuted people mentioned in Sura Al Buruuj, who were martyred for their faith in Allah.

Show mercy to enjoy mercy

By Arshad Gamiet
“Events in Afghanistan are unfolding rapidly. The whole world is waiting to see what happens next. Will there be more bloodshed, revenge, and waves of refugees fleeing for safety? Or will there be a different outcome, one that stops the violence and brings a new era of peace and reconciliation in that troubled land?

Fourteen and a half centuries ago, our beloved Prophet Muhammad sws entered the gates of Makkah as a conqueror. But he entered without violence. He forgave his enemies. He conquered their hearts instead…”

Never belittle the smallest good deed…

By Arshad Gamiet
“Sadly, these blessed days of Muharram have also been so traumatic for our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Who can ever forget those desperate scenes at Kabul airport? Dozens of men were desperately hanging on to a plane that was taking off. Some fell to their death from hundreds of feet above the tarmac.
This is how 20 years of war has come to an end in Afghanistan, which has been described as “the graveyard of empires…”

America and its allies helped the Taliban on the road to victory

By Yvonne Ridley
“Let this be a lesson to all who look to America to police the world. The US message is clear: We bombed, invaded, and occupied your country and now we have quit, leaving someone else to sort out the mess that we made. What a propaganda tool for the Taliban. Is it any wonder that the movement has encountered little resistance on the road to Kabul?”