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Muslim tradition has outlasted slavery and Apartheid

By Dr Hisham A. Hellyer
“Cape Town was home to one such community. It’s perhaps ironic that such a beautiful exhibition of culture came about in a community that had been befallen by slavery, exploitation and apartheid before finally witnessing the beginning of democracy in 1995, with the election of the onetime resistance leader Nelson Mandela as president..”

The virtues of Sabr (patience)

by Radia Razack

“Life will always be hard. Conditions will never be perfect. In fact it may only get more difficult, but the only relevant questions you need to ask yourself are what is your purpose and what value are you providing? Practising Sabr, like the aloe vera plant, will always result in growth, even if it doesn’t feel like it. If you’re not growing, you’re dying…”

America and its allies helped the Taliban on the road to victory

By Yvonne Ridley
“Let this be a lesson to all who look to America to police the world. The US message is clear: We bombed, invaded, and occupied your country and now we have quit, leaving someone else to sort out the mess that we made. What a propaganda tool for the Taliban. Is it any wonder that the movement has encountered little resistance on the road to Kabul?”

How to reflect deeply on the Quran

“The Qur’an is the “rope of Allah”;1 whoever grabs onto it will be saved, and whoever loosens his grip will be destroyed. The Qur’an is also the “spirit He revealed.”2 Allah created our bodies from the earth and decreed that their nourishment would come from the earth. Similarly, He created our spirits from a higher world and decreed that they require nourishment from this higher realm…”

The noble character of Prophet Muhammad sws

From Hadith of the Day
“The Messenger of God ﷺ was the most open handed [in giving], the bravest of people in hearts, the most truthful of people in speech, and the most loyal of people in protection. He was the gentlest of people and kindest of them in companionship. Whoever saw him unexpectedly was awestruck by him. Whoever interacted with him loved him.”

The Powerless and the Night of Power

By Shaykh Sadullah Khan
“I reflect on the Night of Power, those it empowered, the once powerful, now powerless. Muslims; once the bearers of the torch of civilization, now victims of global injustice. Never in history has a community of faith been so displaced, so victimized on such a large scale as the ummah in the last 37 years. The fact that over sixty percent of all world refugees at present are Muslims bears testimony to that…”

Reading Qur’an While Not Knowing the Meaning: Is There Reward?

By Surkheel Sharif (Abu Aaliyah)

“It is not unusual to hear scholars liken reading the Quran without knowing the meaning of what is being recited, to a sick patient for whom a doctor writes a prescription. Yet instead of understanding what the prescription says, or acting on what it requires, the patient simply keeps reading the prescription over and over again; making such recitation an end in itself…”

Muslim Controversialists: Thriving on Fitnah on Social Media

By Shaykh Abu Aaliyah Sukheel
“Turning Facebook into Disgracebook, or turning Instagram into Fitnahgram, may help gain us a larger following or more likes. It may be a winning formula in terms of our murky desires for self-promotion. It might even assuage an ego desperate for attention and self-glory. But such insincerity will corrupt hearts and damage whatever little relationship we have with our Lord…”