After the Hajj

Hajj Maqbool wha Mabroor & Muharram Mubarak.

Praise be to Almighty Allah, Sovereign of the universe and choicest blessings on our illustrious Master, Nabi Muhammad (pbuh), the absolute final of all divine emissaries.

Allah says in the Glorious Qur’an;

“I have not created Jinn and Mankind except for my worship.”

It is also stated in a Hadith Qudsi, that the Lord Almighty declares;

“I was a hidden treasure, and I wanted to become known. So I created the creation, for my glorification.”

Oh Muslims, taking cognizance of these divine statements, we ask. Is mankind on course in terms of this noble objective? Looking at global events, one finds Muslims in disarray, facing persecution which started with the commencement of the Prophetic mission, and perpetuated against Muslims in Bosnia, Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq etc.  Our own beloved country of South Africa seems to be going down a dark tunnel, with allegations of fraud, corruption and bribery, even on government level.

It seems as if our education system and institutions have failed us. Hooliganism and gangsterism are rife on schools. Alcohol and drugs are the order of the day and a great number of Muslim youth are trapped in the demonic cult of Satanism. Hence, we can see the local, national and international scene of the Muslim world gives a gloomy picture of despair. However, it is not my intention to stand here on this sacred platform of truth to make you morbid. No; there is indeed hope. Great hope for the future. Great hope for us to rid the world from the misery of godlessness, into the light of Godliness.

Let us start with thanking our beloved Creator for having afforded us the wonderful opportunity to have stood on the mighty plains of Arafah with approximately 3 million fellow pilgrims. Remember, beloved Hujaaj, that you have been crowned as ambassadors to convey the message of Arafah, but most importantly, to live your Hajj. The completion of this great Hajj ushers in the new Islamic year of Muharram 1430. New Year for a Muslim does not involve vulgarity obscenity and vanity. We are not clowns and coons to dance in public, like slaves to the tunes of their slave masters. Nay, New Year signifies a new and fresh beginning. It is an opportunity for us to recommit ourselves to the purpose of our creation, and fulfilling our Amanat  (trust) as Allah has decreed for us.

“You (Muslims) are the best community, selected for the guidance of mankind. You order with the good and prevent from evil, and you have faith in Allah.” (Al-Qur’an).

It is this bounden duty of Da’wah, which we have neglected for so long, which resulted in the mess we find ourselves in.

Oh Muslims, don’t you see that everything revolves around Da’wah ? Look at the organized Da’wah campaigns of Satan’s dens of vice and sin through their gambling casinos, prostitution houses, shebeens and drug outlets. Now the world is groping in spiritual darkness. Where is that great Muslim Ummah who brought glory and civilization and led the world out of the dark ages?

Islam is the perfect Deen based on unity. We are an ummah united in our worship of One Allah, one Qur’an, one Kaa’bah as our qiblah under the one flag of our illustrious Master, Nabi Muhammad (pbuh). The rampant malady which grips this Ummah today is because ;

a)      Mutual love has departed from our hearts, while hatred and animosity dominate the scene.

b)      Harmony is ousted, while disharmony has entrenched itself.

c)      Self righteous attitudes among  us, that my perspective of an issue is the ultimate perspective, and my view must rule supreme.

We need to realize that it is this kind of immaturity and mediocre level of intellectual intollerence which curbs our progress and prolonging our intellectual and political impotency.

We therefore need to evaluate ourselves in the light of the Islamic value system which finds distinct expression for its promotion in its demand for human welfare and inner/ inter-religious harmony.

It is our religious duty to elect a strong and competent leadership, under whose guidance we need to convey the uncorrupted message of Tauheed.

Let us make a strong resolution, as we enter this new year,  that we will live and propagate the message of Arafah. Positive change starts with our individual selves and within our homes and immediate environments. In conclusion, I remind myself and you of the last advise of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), from the plains of Arafah.

“ I leave behind two mighty things. Whosoever adheres to them, will never go astray. It is the Book of Allah (Al-Qur’an) and my Sunnah.

May Allah bless us all and grant us success and prosperity for the new year ahead, Ameen.

Muharram Mubarak