Ramadhan is a time to reflect

Alhamdulilah , Praise and Glory be to Almighty Allah, the Supreme Sovereign of the skies and the earth. Greetings and Salutations on our beloved and illustrious Master, Nabi Muhammad (pbuh), His family, friends and all believers until the end of time.

The world is in so much turmoil today. The global suffering and chaotic state of society are clear symptoms of the world’s state of spiritual bankruptcy. The prevalent moral decadence is a manifestation of man’s enslavement by his beastly qualities (nafs).

Oh Muslims, be dutiful to Allah Who created us and moulded us in the best of forms. He infused the human being with Ruh (the pure life giving force) as well as Nafs (beastly qualities).

When the Lord created the Nafs entity, and asked it, Who are you ? It replied: I am as mighty and powerful as you are Oh Lord. Then Allah burnt it in Hell fire for a thousand years. Again Allah asked the nafs the same question and it gave the same arrogant reply for the second time. Allah then froze it in the icy hell for a thousand years. After the nafs gave the same arrogant reply for the third time, Allah made it to fast for a thousand years. Finally, Allah asked it: Who are you ? The nafs then replied. You are the Almighty Creator of the universe and I am your humble slave Oh Allah.

Allah makes reference in the Glorious Qur’an with regards to the Nafs in Surah 91:8.

“Successful is the one who purifies (and tames) his nafs. And unsuccessful is he who becomes enslaved by it (the nafs).”

Oh Muslims, the glorious month of Ramadhan is basically on our doorstep. This month is an honoured guest from Allah, offering ailing humanity the cure of spiritual rejuvenation and revitalization. This is the month of opportunity to bring about spiritual and moral reformation within ourselves and our environment.

Our blessed Prophet (pbuh) said: “If my ummah knew the value of Ramadhan, they would wish Ramadhan to prevail the entire year.”

The Holy Prophet Moses (pbuh) requested to see Allah. The Lord said: Oh Musa, you cannot see me as there are seventy thousand veils between us. However, I shall give a month as a gift to the Ummah of my beloved Prophet Muhammad, which shall be called Ramadhan. Whoever of the believers will fast in this month, I shall so manifest myself at the time of Iftaar, there will be no veil between me and them.”

In a sacred Hadith Qudsi, Allah says:

“Fasting is for me and I will reward it.”

Oh servants of Allah, Ramadhan brings us in touch with our beloved creator, who is closer to us than our life-vein. Everyone of us is a dormant volcano. Let your spiritual lava erupt and flow towards the Divine throne. How wonderful to know Allah and feel His ever divine presence ?

The great Turkish Sufi master, Sheikh Muzaffer Ozak Al-Jerrahi urges: “How does one explain to the blind the beauty of colours, or the majestic sunrise and spectacular sunset? How will the deaf ever appreciate the joyful chirping of the morning birds and the melodious songs of the nightingales? How does one describe the fragrance of the scent of roses to those who have no sense of smell?

Oh servants of Allah, dive into the ocean of spirituality and immerse yourselves in the over flowing Rahmah and blessings of the holy month of Ramadhan. Spend time in worship and seclusion with your Lord and follow in the footsteps of the great and worthy Awliya (saints of Allah), and the obstructing veils will be lifted from your eyes. Soon you will see the beautiful colours, acquire the spiritual sense of smell and the ears of your spiritual heart will open and you will delight in the recitation of Al-Qur’an. Beneath the songs of the nightingales and the gurgling of the waters, you will hear the sweet sound of the affirmation of Divine unity.

In conclusion, I advise myself first and you to put on the garb of Taqwa and God-consciousness. Do not be gloomy, nor consider Ramadhan as a burden.

The blessed Prophet Jesus Christ (pbuh) said:

“When you fast, do not fast like the hypocrites, but wash your faces and comb your hair and meet people with a happy countenance.”

When Ramadhan comes, appreciate it, as it passes very rapidly. Life itself passes speedily. Don’t say Ramadhan will come again. Many Ramadhans have come and gone, but this Ramadhan may be your last? We conclude with the duah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (pbuh):

“Oh Allah, bless us in the months of Rajab and Sha’baan and make us reach Ramadhan.”

Ameen. Jumuah Mubarak.