Imagine you were in Rafah…

By Basharat Ali

Empathy, the ability to imagine what life is like for others, to walk in someone else’s shoes, is a very powerful quality. The students who empathise with Palestinians are now risking their studies, their careers, their personal safety by stating up for justice. They are opening the eyes of the world to the hypocrisy of the businesses and governments that support the killing and destruction of Gaza…

Speaking up without fear

By Basharat Ali

Abdullah Quilliam was Shayk-Al-Islam in Britain during the late 19th Century. He was a courageous man of principle: He stood up for justice, without fear of the consequences. Muslims must oppose injustice, whether the oppressor is Muslim or not, whether the victim is Muslim or not.

Small deeds have a transformative impact

By Talha Asghar

Allāh does not only look to our actions, but also more importantly, to our intentions. We should never overlook or belittle even the smallest good deed. What appears insignificant to us could be hugely important to Allah. Our selfless actions driven by pure intentions can have profound transformative results ………

US student protests spread around the world

By Basharat Ali

52 years ago, the photo of a screaming naked girl running towards the camera, shocked the entire world. Her clothes were burnt off her body by napalm bombs dropped by the US air force in Vietnam. This photo caused such outrage that it marked a turning point in the Vietnam war. Today, the images from Gaza are mobilising students in the USA to protest just like their grandparents did in 1972 … 

Keep Ramaḍhān on the throne!

By Talha Haroun

Nabi Yusuf (Joseph) was thrown down a well, but his faith and perseverance brought him up to the throne of the land. Now that we have celebrated Eid, let us not throw Ramaḍhān down the well of our past misdeeds. Let us keep Ramaḍhān on the throne, uppermost in our daily lives for the intervening months leading to our next Ramaḍhān, insha-Allah,

Eidul Fitr Khutbah 2024

By Basharat Ali

We live in a strange world indeed. Eid greetings from Joe Biden and Rishi Sunak while they supply weapons for the slaughter of thousands of women and children? Non-Muslim activists being criminalised and arrested for protesting against the killing while so many Muslim leaders remain silent and turn the other way?

Eidul Fitr Khutbah 2024 by Essam Mahgoub

By Essam Mahgoub

We should take great care not to harm other by careless talk, gossip, slander and backbiting, for example. Things that we think are minor infractions, but are really major sins in the sight of Allah. Allah will forgive our missed prayers and missed days of fasting, but if we damage the honour and reputation of someone, we should ask them for forgiveness. Allah does not forgive that.