The noble character of Prophet Muhammad sws

From Hadith of the Day
“The Messenger of God ﷺ was the most open handed [in giving], the bravest of people in hearts, the most truthful of people in speech, and the most loyal of people in protection. He was the gentlest of people and kindest of them in companionship. Whoever saw him unexpectedly was awestruck by him. Whoever interacted with him loved him.”

Khutbah for Eidul Fitr 2021

By Arshad Gamiet
“Even as we enjoy our Eid today, our hearts and our minds must also be with those who suffer all manner of hardship around the world. Much of this suffering is man-made, not natural. In the midst of our Eid celebrations, let us also not forget how differently Eid is being celebrated right now in Gaza, in Iraq, in Syria, Yemen, among the Rohinya Muslims in Myanmar (Burma), the Uighurs in China and other places of conflict around the world..”

The Powerless and the Night of Power

By Shaykh Sadullah Khan
“I reflect on the Night of Power, those it empowered, the once powerful, now powerless. Muslims; once the bearers of the torch of civilization, now victims of global injustice. Never in history has a community of faith been so displaced, so victimized on such a large scale as the ummah in the last 37 years. The fact that over sixty percent of all world refugees at present are Muslims bears testimony to that…”

Five things to do on Lailatul Qadr

By Imam Omar Suleiman

“In the last 10 days of Ramadan, there is a hidden night that is the most consequential night of the year. Don’t miss out on the blessings on offer during this auspicious night. Here are five things you can do to gain the maximum benefit…”

Lailatul Qadr: The Night of Power

By Arshad Gamiet
“Let us spend our Night of Power, in Dhikrullah, remembering Alláh, swt, and offering thanks to Him, for his countless blessings that we enjoy each moment of our lives. Let us passionately seek Alláh’s help, Glorified and Exalted is He, to lift the burden of injustice and oppression from so many Muslim communities around the world….”

Reading Qur’an While Not Knowing the Meaning: Is There Reward?

By Surkheel Sharif (Abu Aaliyah)

“It is not unusual to hear scholars liken reading the Quran without knowing the meaning of what is being recited, to a sick patient for whom a doctor writes a prescription. Yet instead of understanding what the prescription says, or acting on what it requires, the patient simply keeps reading the prescription over and over again; making such recitation an end in itself…”

Ramadan: a time for Love and Gratitude to Allah

By Dr Hossam Roushdi
“Ramadan isn’t about long days, hunger and thirst or lack of sleep….. it’s about showing our love and gratitude to Allah. It’s about appreciating the countless blessings we enjoy every day. It’s about showing Allah how much we love, worship and adore Him…”