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These khutbahs have been especially selected for situations where time is short. Jumu'ah sometimes has to be completed within a 30-minute or 1-hour lunch break . Most of these khubahs will take around 10 to 12 minutes, even if delivered slowly.

Please email us with any comments or suggestions so that we can improve our efforts.

bullet The "Problem" of  Suffering
bullet God's Greatest Gift: Good Guidance
bullet 2 Authentic Khutbahs of Prophet Muhammad sws
bullet khutbah for school/college: Scoring Goals, Setting Goals.
bulletSetting Goals
bulletA Nation's Strength
bulletEnduring Grief and Hardship
bulletThe Unprinted Qur'an
bulletBeauty in Form and Function
bulletThe Outer and Inner Qiblah
bulletHajj, the journey of self-discovery
bulletRemember the Oppressed Minority
bulletSpending for Allah
bulletAllah's Mercy
bulletLoving Parents
bulletLoving Children
bulletProofs of Allah's Existence
bullet Ramadhan
bullet Surviving the freedom
bullet Worship with understanding