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2 Authentic Khutbahs of Prophet Muhammad sws
Accountability, in Iraq and elsewhere    by Arshad Gamiet

Advice to Students   by Arshad Gamiet[text version] [Audio version]

A Heart that Feels for All [Imam Shafi]

Al-Hijra    by Arshad Gamiet

A Nation's Strength       by Arshad Gamiet
Anti-Zionism is not Anti-Semitism    by Brian Clug.

A Sinking Submarine      by Arshad Gamiet

"Allah came knocking at my heart"    by Giles Whittel
Allah's help, and Palestine    by Arshad Gamiet

Alláh's Mercy      by Arshad Gamiet

Allegory of the Pen    by Imam Al-Ghazzali

Backbiting        by Omar Tarhuni

Avoiding Allah's Wrath     by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Bankruptcy        by Omar Tarhuni

Battle of Uhud: a Victory, not a Defeat    by Shaikh Abdul -Muhsin el Qaasim

Beauty, in Form and Function      by Arshad Gamiet

Be Islamic, Don't Panic!   by Arshad Gamiet

Blaming Islam for Terrorism   by Arshad Gamiet

Bombers in our midst    by Arshad Gamiet

Bombing without moonlight: The Origins of Suicidal Terrorism  by Dr Abdal Hakim Murad

Muslim Youth in Britain: Challenges Ahead Arshad Gamiet
Building Power to defend Islam    by Omar Tarhuni
Choices for Muslims in the West   by Arshad Gamiet
CIA/FBI Evidence           by Dr Ahmed Adam

Cleanliness      by Rashard Jedaar

Community   by Arshad Gamiet

Comprehensiveness        by Omar Tarhuni

Concept of Jihád      by Dr Ahmed Adam

Concept of Worship       by Omar Tarhuni

Conclusion of Ramadhán       by Omar Tarhuni

Cosmology in the Holy Quran   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Cyclones, Earthquakes and Allah's Mercy   by Arshad Gamiet

The Crime of Concealing Knowledge by Khaled El Gharib
Dealing with Islamophobia    by Arshad Gamiet
Death     by Dr Sherif Abdel Azeem

Death and Deeds       by Omar Tarhuni

Death of Br Omar Tarhuni     by Arshad Gamiet

Did Islam spread by the Sword?   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Discrimination of Muslims by Muslims       Author unknown
Dispelling Anxiety .... a discourse by Hakim ibn Hazm ... by Arshad Gamiet
Drugs: The Scourge of Society    by Dr Ahmed Adam

Duah: Supplication to Allah   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Easter khutbah 2006    by Arshad Gamiet

Effective Public Speaking in Islam by Mamarinta Omar Mababaya and Dr. Norlain Dindang Mababaya
'Eid Khutbah by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Eidul Fitr Khutbah by Sheikh Abduragmaan Alexander

Eid Prayers: Q & A  by  Alsheikh Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Othymein
Eid speech to South Africans in Britain      by Arshad Gamiet

Eid-ul-Fitr      by Rashard Jedaar

Einstein's Theory in the Holy Quran   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Elections, New Muslims and a new school    by Arshad Gamiet

End of Ramadhan 2006   by Arshad Gamiet

Exalted status of Muhammad, sws [part 1]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Exalted status of Muhammad, sws [part 2]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Exploring the Character of Prophet Muhammad  [1]   By Dr Yahia Abdul Rahman

Trading Gemstones for Gravel    by Arshad Gamiet

Gift of Mi'raj   by Arshad Gamiet
God's Greatest Gift: Good Guidance    by Arshad Gamiet
Guidelines for Eid Prayers    By Shaikh Mohamed Bin Saleyh All-othymein transl. by Br Khaled M A Kader

Enduring Grief and Hardship      by Arshad Gamiet

Failure of Leadership    by Arshad Gamiet

Faith and Knowledge       by Omar Tarhuni

Faith & Reason: Muslim terrorists embrace a very secular heresy   by Dr Abdal Hakim Murad
Filling the Spiritual Void   by Shariffa Carlo

Finding Allah's Help and Victory       by Omar Tarhuni

First Khutbah in Madinah by Prophet Muhammad sws
Friends of Allah          by Arshad Gamiet
From Hate to Inspiration   by Arshad Gamiet
Goals    by Dr Ahmed Adam
Going forward with Quran and Sunnah by Dr Jamil Rahman
Hajj and the Neglected Legacy of a Great Dr Mohammad Omar Farooq
Hajj: The Journey to Your Innerself     by Arshad Gamiet

Halál and Harám     by Omar Tarhuni

Heaven of This World by Ibn Al Qayyim on Ibn Taymiyyah
Historical Perspectives on 11 September  by Prof. Francis Robinson

Hope    by Dr Ahmed Adam

Human Growth and Development [part 1] by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Human Growth and Development [part 2] by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Human Growth and Development [part 3] by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Human Rights, Human Wrongs      by Arshad Gamiet

'Ibaadah      by  Rashard Jedaar

Importance of Knowledge   by Muhammad sws.    

Importance of Parents      by Rashard Jedaar

Information Jihad     by Arshad Gamiet
Inner Dimensions of Hajj    by  Sheikh Talieb Baker
Interfaith discussion: Islam, terrorism, America... by Jawad Khaki 

Iqra! Read!  by Dr Yahia Abdul Rahman

Islam, a revolution without revolutionaries    by Dr Sherif Abdul Azeem
Islam, freedom and artistic and literary innovation  by Sh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
Historic Islamic Higher Education Discourse   by Prof. Yusef Waghied

Islam and the Big Bang theory [part 1]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Islam and the Big Bang theory [part 2]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Islam and the Big Bang theory [part 3] Black Hole   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Islam's challenge to sham Democracy [Eid lecture]   by Prof. Yusef Waghid
Islam condemns Terrorism    by Arshad Gamiet

Islamic Finance [part 1]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Islamic Finance [part 2]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Islam, the West and Muslims       by Omar Tarhuni

Islam, Terrorism and the Future        by Arshad Gamiet
Islam Today    by Imam Irshad Soofi

Islamic Civilization   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Islamic Community       by Omar Tarhuni

Islamic Dress Code      by Rashard Jedaar

Islamic Education: Concept      by Rashard Jedaar

Islamic Education: Duties: Parents, Teachers      by Rashard Jedaar

Islamic Education: Organisation      by Rashard Jedaar

Islam's Moral System       by Omar Tarhuni

Israeli Repression and the Language of Liars by Tim Wise
The Israelization of the United States    by M. Shahid Alam
Judaism - an alternative to Zionism    by Rabbi David Weiss

Justice in Dafur   by Arshad Gamiet

Keeping faith in hard times    by Dr Hossam Roushdi

Khaira Ummatin: the Best of Nations    by Ali Mollah MD
Knowledge of the Self  by Maulana Fazlur-Rahman Ansari 
Knowledge and Youth     by Dr Ahmed Adam
Lailatul Qadr: The Night of Power 2003   by Arshad Gamiet
Lailatul Qadr The Night of Power 2002    by Arshad Gamiet
Lailatul Qadr: The Night that Changed History   by Arshad Gamiet

Lessons from the Battle of Badr...       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Lessons from the Intifáda    by Omar Tarhuni

Lessons of Time      by Rashard Jedaar

Loving Our Parents      by Arshad Gamiet

Loving  Our Children      by Arshad Gamiet

Magnetism and Sufism        by Imam Irshaad Soofi
Marriage     by Dr Ahmed Adam
Meritocracy - leadership by the most talented    by Arshad Gamiet
Mi'raj    by Prof. Yusef Waghid

Moderation, the Way of Islam      by Rashard Jedaar

Modern Man's search for Identity      by Arshad Gamiet

Modern Tabligh   by Imam Irshad Soofi

Morality        by Omar Tarhuni

Moral Vaccination    by Omar Tarhuni
More bombers in our midst    by Arshad Gamiet
More than just anti-Zionists    by Shagufta Yaqoob [Q-News]
Moulood Al-Nabi   by Arshad Gamiet

Muslims by Choice     Arshad Gamiet

My Journey to Islam    by Yvonne Ridley
Nature and purpose of Man     by Talieb Baker
New Challenges: Terror at home?    by Arshad Gamiet
No Room for Justice    by Ronnie Kasrils and Victoria Bittain

Nurture the Tree of Islam     by Shaikh Abdal Hakim Murad

"O Alláh, You are my servant, and I am Your Lord!"     by Dr Mohammad Omar Farooq
On the way to the Next Life   by Hesham Raka
Open letter to Muslim leaders and organisations [from Islamic Human Rights Commission]
Open letter to President Bush     by SAFAR IBN ABD AL-RAHMAN AL-HAWALI  

Our  Elusive search for   Unity      by Arshad Gamiet

Our Global Responsibility by Arshad Gamiet

Our Lifelong Search for Knowledge   by Arshad Gamiet

Our Primeval Covenant   by Arshad Gamiet

Outer Qibla and Inner Qiblah      by Arshad Gamiet

Patience        by Omar Tarhuni

Patience and perseverance        by Dr Ahmed Adam

Patient Perseverance and Prayer by Arshad Gamiet

Paying the Rent by Arshad Gamiet

People of the Book, and Muslims   by Harun Yahya
Perfection of Faith    by Khalid Mustafa Abdul Kader

Planning        by Omar Tarhuni

Prayer and Fasting       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Principles of Success in the light of Seerah  by Maulana Waliduddin Khan
Priorities and Exams    by Amr Shokry

Prophet Muhammad's Impact on History by Sheikh Goesain Kriel

Proofs that the Quran is a revelation from Allah   by Shaikh Abdul Raheem Green

Proofs of Allah's Existence       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Proofs of the Holy Quran       by Dr Jamil Rahman
Purifying the Heart       by Dr Hossam Roushdi
Ramadhan     by Dr Hossam Roushdi
Ramadhán 2000       by Omar Tarhuni
Ramadhán in History    by Sheikh Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Ramadhán, Millennium, Chechnya      by Arshad Gamiet

Ramadhán, the Blessed Month        by Rashard Jedaar

Rearing Children      by Rashard Jedaar

Recharging our Imán[Faith] on the Night of Power      by Arshad Gamiet

Recreation and Play       by Omar Tarhuni
Rediscovering Islam    by Arshad Gamiet

Relations with Non-Muslims      by Arshad Gamiet

Religious America   by Dr Yahia Abdul Rahman

Remembering 7/7   by Arshad Gamiet

Rent Not Paid   by Arshad Gamiet

Restoring the Balance   by Arshad Gamiet

Regret   by Muhammad Alshareef LLB. Shariah

Remembering Allah and neighbourly duties    by Arshad Gamiet

Remembering Oppressed Muslims by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Reviving the Individual      by Arshad Gamiet

Sabr (Patience)     by Khaled Dajani

Salaah      by Rashard Jedaar

Sayyidna Umar [RA] [part 1]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Sayyidna Umar [RA] [part 2]   by Dr Zakir Kapadia

Scoring Goals, Setting Goals      by Arshad Gamiet

Seeking Knowledge       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Seeking knowledge in the University of Life by Arshad Gamiet
Seeking Allah's Guidance, Love and Eternal Reward  by Dr Norlain B Mababaya
Seeking and Sharing Allah's Mercy   by Arshad Gamiet
Seeking the Inner Muslim    by Sheikh Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

Seeking Wisdom      by Arshad Gamiet

Send Hans Blix to Nes Ziona    by James Brooks
Sex and our Muslim youth   by Dr Ahmed Adam
Shaytaan: Avowed Enemy   by Arshad Gamiet
Significance of Kalimah      by Mustafa Khalid Mustafa Abdul Kader

Smiling is Charity.        by Khurram Murad

Social dimensions of Imán       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader
Solidarity with Jews and Christians   by Arshad Gamiet
Some Reflections on the Hajj   by Arshad Gamiet

Something of Heaven    by Arshad Gamiet

Something of Heaven, part 2   by Arshad Gamiet

Some Aspects of Character Building   by Khurshid Ahmad

Spending for Allah      by Arshad Gamiet

Staying Connected   by Arshad Gamiet
Successful are the Believers by Khaled El-Gharib
Sun will rise again. Did we?    from IslamiCity bulletin
Spread by the Sword? Myths and Realities by Dr Sherif Abdul Azeem

Supplication [Du'ah]      by Rashard Jedaar

Surviving the freedom   by Arshad Gamiet

Tafseer of Sura Al-Waqiah       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Tafseer of Sura Qaaf part 1      by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Tafseer of Sura Qaaf part 2       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Tafseer of Sura Qaaf part 3      by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Talk the talk, then walk the walk    by Arshad Gamiet

Taqwa, Ramadhán and the Qurán... the Triangular Link by Dr Mohammad Omar Farooq
Tawakkul   by Abdul Malik  Mujahid
The Place of Tasawwuf in Traditional Islam by Nuh Ha Mim Keller

The Advent of Muhammad sws      by Rashard Jedaar

The Colour of Islam       by Omar Tarhuni

The Concept of Taqwa, and some of its aspects [part 1]       by Omar Tarhuni

The Concept of Taqwa, and some of its aspects [part 2]       by Omar Tarhuni

The Conduct of a Muslim      by Rashard Jedaar

The Good Deeds       by Omar Tarhuni

The Great Virtue of Lowering the Gaze     by Imaam ibn al-Qayyim
The Greatest Love of your life    by Arshad Gamiet
The Muslim and his Rabb [Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer] by Dr Muhammad Ali Al Hishimi
The Israelization of America    by James Brooks
The Israeli Poison Gas Attacks    by James Brooks 
The Last Word   by Dr Mohammad Omar Farooq
The Lucrative or Profitable Investment.    by Sh. Haatim

The Oppressed Minority      by Rashard Jedaar

The Power of Imán        by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

The Power of Words      by Arshad Gamiet

The "Problem" of  Suffering   by Arshad Gamiet

The Purpose of Life   by Arshad Gamiet

The Radical Middle Way ... by Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
The Rights of the Street   [Author unknown]

The Scourge of Drugs      by Rashard Jedaar

The Struggle for One God   by Muhammad Alshareef LLB. Shariah

The truth about Palestine and Jerusalem    by Omar Tarhuni

The Ultimate Conquest      by Ahmad Thomson

The Unprinted Qur'án      by Arshad Gamiet

The Value of Honest Labour by Dr Aboo Ameenah Bilal Philips

The value of reading and reciting Al-Qur'án       by Rashard Jedaar

The Volcano in You   by Dr Yahia Abdul Rahman

"The woman is right and Omar is wrong"   by Sheikh Abduragmaan Alexander

Those who earned Allah's wrath   by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Time       by Arshad Gamiet

Tribalism and UFO's       by Khaled Mustafa Abdul Kader

Truthfulness        by Dr Hossam Roushdi
Ummah in Crisis  by Arshad Gamiet

University       by Omar Tarhuni

Wal 'Asr [By Time!]       by Omar Tarhuni

Weakness of Faith    by Ali Mollah, MD
Weddings: a time to thank Allah    Muhammad Al Shareef

Welcome to our Mosque  by Arshad Gamiet

What is Islam?    by Maulana Dr Fazlur Rahman Ansari

What is True Worship?       by Omar Tarhuni

When Friends Hurt Each Other   by Muhammad Alshareef LLB. Shariah
Who is the real terrorist?      by Dr Ahmed Adam

Why should we strive for Excellence?       by Arshad Gamiet

Women, Marriage and Family       by Omar Tarhuni

When the Night equals a thousand   by Muhammad Alshareef LLB. Shariah
Why Should I Study Islam?   by Muhammad Alshareef LLB. Shariah
Worship with understanding    by Arshad Gamiet
Your very own Hijra   by Arshad Gamiet


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