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If you have to prepare your own khutbahs, we recommend the following books for your guidance:

"Speaking for Change"
by Wael Alkairo [amana publucations] ISBN 0-915957-79-5
"Khutab Al-Masjid " by Dr Ahmad H Sakr [Foundation for Islamic Knowledge] ISBN       0-911119-96-5


Here are some further Khutbah links:
Homepage of Muhammad Al Shareef. excellent range of khutbahs in English. Highly recommended *****
bulletThe Voice of Islam Radio
 Audio lectures and khutbahs in English. Not to be missed!
Excellent site featuring Sh Qaradawi and other scholars
graphically rich website in 7 languages
bullet Dr Mohammad Omar Farouk
Articulate, powerful khutbahs and articles on Islam. A Must Visit!
bulletSingapore Khutbahs            
well presented khutbahs, updated weekly. Good archive
bulletIslamic Resources
bulletIslamicity in Cyberspace
bulletArshad's Cool World
Excllent range of material. Highly recommended site. some witty and thought-provoking articles.
bullet Huma's homepage on Islam
One of the best websites on Islam. Loads of information, well presented
bulletIslamic Gateway
 A wide range of audio-khutbahs
bulletThe Islam Page
bulletClaremont Main Road
Weekly khutbahs from Cape Town, South Africa
bulletFriday Khutab
Homepage of Dr Abu Ameena Bilal Philips
bulletKhutbah Summaries
bulletIslamic Affairs Central Network [IACN]
Useful and informative site for British Muslims 
Online Arabic and Islam courses 


Other links:

bullet : A community-led portal for 1.8 million Muslims in the UK ..... world's largest online range of Islamic products
bulletIslam  Learn Arabic and Islam using a classic methodology under traditionally-trained western-born scholars
bulletFree Ramadhan  and Eid greeting cards         ...... a practical and convenient way to greet faraway folks.
bullet Meet Muslim                  A free, 'Halal' Muslim matrimonial introduction site
bullet                                  Thought provoking material, well presented  International Islamic Propagation Centre(IIPC.TV) is among the very few online TV channels dedicated in showing only content related to Islam. It is a free online TV channel in English language (primarily) with some programs also aired in Urdu language. .
bullet Ramadan on net: Greeting cards for Ramadan, Eid and other Muslim cultural occasions

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