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These khutbahs were delivered at mosques in Cape Town, South Africa.

Khutbahs by Sheikh  Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick:
  1. Ramadhan in History

Khutbahs by Sheikh Goesain Kriel:

  1. Prophet Muhammad's Impact on History


Khutbahs by Sheikh Abduragmaan Alexander:


  1. "The woman is right and Omar is wrong"



Khutbahs by Rashard Jedaar:

  1. The value of reading and reciting Al-Qur'án
  2. Ramadhán, the Blessed Month 
  3. Moderation, the Way of Islam   
  4. The Oppressed Minority     
  5. The Scourge of Drugs
  6. 'Ibaadah
  7. The Advent of Muhammad sws
  8. Cleanliness
  9. Lessons of Time
  10. Supplication [Du'ah]
  11. Eid-ul-Fitr
  12. Rearing Children
  13. Islamic Education: Concept
  14. Islamic Education: Organisation
  15. Islamic Education: Duties: Parents, Teachers
  16. Islamic Dress Code
  17. The Conduct of a Muslim
  18. Importance of Parents
  19. Salaah

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