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Our last update was on 10 April 2009

These khutbahs were delivered at Royal Holloway University of London, Surrey, England, beginning from the most recent ones:

  1. Ask Allah for useful knowledge   by Essam Mahgoub 10Apr2009

  2. Invite to Islam with Wisdom   by Essam Mahgoub 27March 2009

  3. Al Quran: The King of Speeches by Sheikh Omar Siddiqi

  4. The Day Prophet Muhammad was born    by Essam Mahgoub

  5. Reviving Islam's Core Values by Essam Mahgoub

  6. Adversity Shapes Good Character   by Arshad Gamiet

  7. Lessons from the Hijra by Sheikh Mogamat Moerat [Cape Town, South Africa]

  8. Eid Khutbah Oct 2008 by Essam Mahgoub

  9. Anger, hatred and jealousy   by Sheikh Muhammad Omar Siddiqi

  10. Deeper dimensions of Sura Al-Kahf   by Essam Mahgoub

  11. The innermost dimension of worship: Sincerity   by Uthman Lateef.

  12. Taubah [Forgiveness] by Sheikh Muhammad Omar Siddiqi

  13. Sincerity to Allah   by Essam Mahgoub

  14. Trust in Allah, Patience and Gratitude by Sheikh Muhammad Omar Siddiqi

  15. Marriage and sexual relations   by Essam Mahgoub

  16. Love Allah, Quran and Prophet Muhammad   by Osman Latif

  17. Pride and Tolerance by Yusuf Ahmad

  18. Legacy of Prophet Muhammad sws by Yusuf Ahmad

  19. Knowledge by Yusuf Ahmad

  20. Jealousy and Hatred by Yusuf Ahmad

  21. Trust in Allah by Yusuf Ahmad

  22. Forgiving our enemies   by Sheikh Omar Siddiqi

  23. Hatred and Love for Prophet Muhammad   by Essam Mahgoub

  24. Prophet Muhammad: Mercy to all Creation   by Osman Latif

  25. Deeper Dimensions of Shahada [Testimony] by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  26. The Days of Allah   by Osman Latif

  27. Time, your most precious asset   by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  28. Knowledge translated to actions   by Osman Latif

  29. Aspects of Taqwa 2    by Yusuf Ahmed

  30. Aspects of Taqwa 1     by Yusuf Ahmed

  31. Perennial lessons of Ramadhan by Osman Latif

  32. Lailatul Qadr Night of Power by Osman Latif

  33. Knowledge and the University of Life by Arshad Gamiet

  34. Preparing for Ramadhan by Osman Latif

  35. Nurture the Tree of Islam - based on talk by Sheikh A H Murad, read by Arshad Gamiet

  36. Isra' and Mi'raj   by Osman Latif

  37. Ayatul Birr: Righteousness   by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  38. Avoiding Moral Subversion   by Essam Mahgoub

  39. Freedom - The Islamic View   by Essam Mahgoub

  40. Kalima: The Declaration of Faith   by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  41. The Legacy of 'Umar, 'Uthman and 'Ali [R.A.] by Osman Latif

  42. Building and sustaining your Faith by Amjud Mustafa

  43. Lessons from Prophet Musa [Moses] by Essam Mahgoub

  44. The Importance of Jumu'ah prayers by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  45. The Legacy of AbuBakr Siddiq [R.A.] by Osman Latif

  46. Priorities of Fasting   by Osman Latif

  47. Only sound hearts find true salvation   by Dr Ra'id Fathi

  48. More about Sincerity   by Dr Hosssam Roushdi.

  49. Remember Allah in Ease and Hardship by Osman Latif

  50. Asking Allah's Forgiveness    by Essam Mahgoub

  51. Islam's way to happiness [part 3]  by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  52. Islam's way to happiness [part 2]  by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  53. Islam's way to happiness [part 1]   by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  54. Easter and Mawlid al Nabi 2006 by Arshad Gamiet

  55. Human Rights in Islam by Essam Mahgoub

  56. Sincerity: Al Ikhlaas    by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  57. One God   by Osman Latif

  58. Spending    by Essam Mahgoub

  59. More Dimensions of Fasting   by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  60. Blessings and Duties of Fasting     by Osman Latif

  61. Advice to Students    by Arshad Gamiet

  62. Preparing for Ramadan     by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  63. Islam is a full-time job    by Amr Shokry

  64. Ethics of Disagreement in Islam     by Essam Mahgoub

  65. Those who reject Faith      by Essam Mahgoub

  66. Isra' and Mi'raj     by Essam Mahgoub

  67. The Poverty of Fanaticism [based on article by Sh. A H Murad] read by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  68. The Scholar Imam Nawawi by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  69. Love and Respect for Parents   by Umer Suleman

  70. Being Faithful to Allah     by Ahmad Serafy

  71. Good Deeds That Endure Forever by Essam Mahgoub

  72. Back to Basics    by   Abdulilah Lahmami

  73. Importance of Consultation [Shuraa] by Essam Mahgoub

  74. Keeping faith in hard times    by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  75. Eid-al-fitr khutbah 2004    by Ahmad Serafy

  76. End of Ramadan Nov 2004    by Essam Mahgoub

  77. The Power of Allah's Forgiveness    by Umer Suleman

  78. Fasting: self-assessment and self-improvement by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  79. The Significance of Ramadan by Essam Mahgoub

  80. Aspects of Taqwa    by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  81. Redefining Civilisation    by Essam Mahgoub

  82. Rights for Prisoners of War in Islam        by Essam Mahgoub

  83. Judgement Day: The Straight Path   by Amjud Mustafa

  84. Causes and cures for Muslim decline    by Umer Suleman

  85. Practical aspects of Tawhid [God's Unity] by Iftikhar Ahmed

  86. Faith and Predestination by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  87. Finding The Straight Path by Iftikhar Ahmed

  88. Recitation, Sancification and Wisdom by  - Dr Hossam Roushdi

  89. The Significance of Hajj     by Arshad Gamiet

  90. Islam, Iman, Ihsaan[Islam, Faith and Excellence] - by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  91. Requirements for Da'wah [propagation] of Islam  -  by Amjud Mustafa

  92. After Ramadhan    by Amjud Mustafa

  93. Resisting Shaytaan    by Essam Mahgoub     

  94. Tawakkul [Trusting Allah] - The Cure for Stress by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  95. Lailatul Qadr: The Night of Power 2003 by Arshad Gamiet

  96. No God but Allah    by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  97. Sincerity    by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  98. Loving Allah   by Ahmad Serafy

  99. Appreciating Allah's Mercy   by Arshad Gamiet

  100. Amanah: Trust. by Dr Hossam Roushdi

  101. Aqeeda wa Shariah: Faith and Legislation    by Essam Mahgoub

  102. Education as Ta'dib: Cultivating Compassion  by Prof. Yusef Waghid

  103. Last days of Prophet Muhammad    by Amr Shokry

  104. Birth of Prophet Muhammad by Essam Mahgoub

  105. The Value of Islamic Knowledge by Umer Suleman

  106. Every Muslim's Priorities     by Amr Shokry

  107. Allah Loves You    by Amr Shokry

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