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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful


Masjid Awwal, the first mosque in South Africa, - Cape Town -

Khutbahs, or Friday Sermons, are an important part of the weekly congregational prayer. This site is intended to provide inspirational and motivational  material for those who have to prepare and deliver the Friday Khutbah in English..

Khutbahs are not only for Fridays nor should they be confined to the mosque. We can all benefit by reading a khutbah for personal development or when we need encouragement, comfort and solace in times of hardship or distress ...

We hope you will find this collection useful. Please tell your family and friends about our website! If you have an inspiring khutbah, or an article that can be so used, please send it to us for inclusion on our site.

Before you proceed, please read our  Copyright Policy.

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