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Gaza genocide: Must we all repent for Allah’s help to arrive?

By Basharat Ali

“You and I are tiny individual pixels in that 1.8 billion-pixel picture that is the worldwide Muslim Ummah. If all of us move in harmony, together, we can be an unstoppable force. We should exert ourselves to support what is right and to forbid what is wrong. Allah will surely hold us to account..”

Attending the protest/march for Gaza/Palestine?

Gaza today is like the worst day in the life of Prophet Muhammad sws. Allah’s most beloved was driven out of Taif where he sought their help. But the people of Taif stoned him until he bled, they drove him out with violent abuse. In time, Allah gave our beloved Prophet victory over his enemies. Allah will surely give the people of Gaza their victory one day. Let us help them by lawful protest, fundraising for humanitarian aid, and sharing the truth online against the tide of lies and propaganda…

What did the Prophet ﷺ do after His ﷺ ‘toughest day’ His ﷺ ‘Gaza?

By Basharat Ali

When the first Muslim community was facing exile and starvation in Makkah, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ sought help from nearby Taif, but he was driven out with abuse and violence. This was his ﷺ Gaza moment. How did he respond in this most desperate, helpless situation? This khutbah offers some vital lessons for all Muslims today…

If they seek help… your duty is to help them

By Basharat Ali
We cannot ignore the calls for help from our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Our duty is to help as best we can. This doesn’t mean doing harm to our non-Muslim neighbours. Many of them support our calls for justice and human rights…

Gaza – ethnic cleansing on an industrial scale

By Basharat Ali

As Muslims, we must stand up for justice everywhere. We must oppose the indiscriminate killing of innocents, whether by Muslims or to Muslims, everywhere. We must stick to our high moral and ethical principles, clearly explained in the Quran and the Prophetic Sunnah. We must also fearlessly call out crimes against humanity for what they are…

Youth killings, culture, credibility and the Quran

By Basharat Ali

Gangs thrive on pride, status and arrogance, aspects of the lower Self (Nafs), They destroy our social fabric, whether as local drug gangs or as corrupt politicians funded by lobby groups. 14 centuries ago Islam transformed the warring gangs of Arabia to become leaders of a world civilisation. And, in our time, Islam transformed a low-life gangster called Malcom X into an exemplary Muslim, Malik El-Shabazz, who has so far brought more than a million lost souls to Islam…

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, Rabi Al Awal & Poetry

By Basharat Ali

‘Rabi Al Awal  is a very special month in the history of Islam. It is the month of the birth, hijra and death of the Prophet ﷺ’. As we enter this month, let us remember our leader and role model for all humanity. How would one describe Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? How would one summarise the life of the Prophet ﷺ in a few lines? Here is a poem by the best of poets of his time. We must do whatever we can to defend Islam and to share its message with others.

Russell Brand, Women and promiscuity

By Basharat Ali
Our ‘consumer’ society has been degrading women, exploiting their bodies and their insecurities. Toxic masculinity and toxic feminism is damaging relationships. Muslims are also affected. Islam teaches us how to live more harmoniously, in mutual respect and dignity…