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Muslims at Christmas

By Atif Jung
“We respect the right of every religious community to celebrate their festivals; but Muslims do not believe that Allah has begotten a son…”

Be united in serving others

By Atif Jung This talk was given during Charity Week. Please click on the link below to hear this talk. Atif Jung- …

Awesome advice to Muslim students…

By Atif Jung. “…choose your friends wisely. Make sure your friends strengthen your faith, advise you well, and help you to live in a way that pleases Allah…”

Preparing for Hajj

By Atif Jung.
“A successful Hajj effaces all our sins, and Allah purifies us so that we are morally as innocent as the day we were born…”

Looking out for Laylatul Qadr, the Night of Power

“These last 10 days of Ramadan are the best opportunity for us to earn from Allah’s limitless bounty: mercy, forgiveness and freedom from hell-lfire. Let’s not miss out one moment of it……”

Deeper lessons of the Hajj

By Atif Jung. “Hajj, like all acts of worship, must be done with heart and soul, with full awareness and sincerity…”